Running a small business is hard work. The need for space – both for your business and the products you sell – is only going to grow as time goes on, straining you emotionally and financially. Fortunately, self storage has evolved into an effective business storage solution, offering small startups and large enterprises all the space they need without the risk or expensive overheads. If you’re still not convinced, here’s 5 reasons why renting a self storage unit can make your business more profitable and successful in the long run. Let’s dive in! 

1. Grow without risk 

Starting a new business comes with many costs, from purchasing stock to renting a central space to store it. While some businesses use warehousing as a solution, this type of storage doesn’t offer flexibility. Self storage does. With a wide range of unit sizes to choose from and contracts that cater to your individual needs, you can rent the exact amount of space your business needs for the time you need it, whether that’s a month or a year. 

2. A convenient operational base 

If you need an operational base for your business, there’s no better place than a self storage facility. It’s private and conveniently located, so staff or customers can easily reach it. The rental fee is considerably low in comparison to an office or warehousing space, allowing you to reduce overhead fees during those slower months. Self storage also has 24/7 access, so you can come and go as you please. 

3. Friendly and accommodating staff to lend a hand 

When growing or starting a new business, it always helps to have a passionate and hardworking team in your corner. To lighten the load, self storage facilities have a team of self storage experts who are dedicated to assisting you and making your day-to-day tasks easier. Whether collecting mail for you, helping you upgrade your space or organising a removals service last minute, the staff at a self storage facility are always there to help. 

4. Secure facility to safely store valuable stock 

When running a business, you may have an excess of stock. This excess can create many problems for your business – it may take up too much space in your office, risk being damaged or even stolen if you don’t have tight security measures in place. A self storage unit is a safe option to store stock. Storage companies typical offer 24-hour access, a variety of unit sizes and exercise severe security so you can safely store and access your stock. 

5. Flexible space that grows at your own pace 

Flexibility is key to a business’s survival. When circumstances change and your need for space is no longer the same, it’s essential to have a facility that changes with your needs as well. Self storage companies usually have flexible lease agreements and storage spaces which are designed to give businesses the freedom to move out, upsize or downsize their space when needed. 

Are you looking for an affordable and safe space for your business? Pink Hippo is the perfect solution. Ideally located in Reading and Leatherhead, we offer secure and low-cost self storage with a wide range of unit sizes that can be personalised to your needs. Give us a call or complete our quick online contact form and we’ll call you back pronto!