Keeping fit is a key ingredient to a long and healthy life. Some people like to sprint on the treadmill or swim lengths in the pool, but for Kuli Gallon, there’s no better way to get in shape than sweating it out in front of a 100-pound boxing bag. 

With an affinity for martial arts, Kuli opened his own gym at Pink Hippo and began teaching kickboxing enthusiasts and fitness freaks the tricky techniques. From HIIT classes to muay thai training, Kuli’s unique take on fitness has attracted locals from around Reading for an explosive day in the gym. 

We recently caught up with Kuli at his unit to chat about how he started his business and turned it into a top fitness training centre. 

1. What does your training centre specialise in?

I am a personal trainer based in Reading, specialising in kickboxing, muay thai, boxing, strength and conditioning, HIIT, and fat loss. 

2. Can you tell us about your business journey? 

I started off being a personal trainer in Derby where I come from, then from there I went to London and found my way to Reading. Before getting my unit at Pink Hippo, I was a personal trainer at David Lloyd in Reading. 

3. What inspired you to work in this industry? 

I have trained in kickboxing since I was 8 years old, muay thai since I was 15 years old and boxing throughout. I started weight training when I was 15 and have learnt a lot from professional bodybuilders and powerlifters over the years. Eventually, I felt I could offer a lot to the industry in many ways, so I opened my own gym to help people reach their goals. 

4. How did the COVID-19 pandemic impact your business? 

The COVID-19 lockdowns were very hard on the business. During the lockdowns (where restrictions allowed), I continued to do sessions outside no matter the weather. I was teaching people kickboxing and boxing in the parks to ensure I could still train them during this difficult time. 

5. What are your top five tips for personal trainers who are interested in opening their own gym? 

  1. Know your skillset and concentrate on that 
  2. Focus on your own business as everyone’s skills are different 
  3. Be yourself 
  4. Let your personality show 
  5. Enjoy your work  

6. What makes your fitness gym different from others? 

I would say my skills set me apart from others, especially the martial arts aspect.   

7. Why did you choose Pink Hippo as your self storage facility?

I chose Pink Hippo as it is secure, the managers (Scott and Emma) have been amazing and helpful. First I had 1 unit, now I have 2 units but Scott and Emma sorted it out so it would be opened up into 1 big unit which has been great. 

8. What are your plans for 2022? 

I plan to get some more equipment, advertise a lot more on social media as it is something I have to improve on. 

Are you itching to get in front of the bag and train with a martial arts professional? Visit Kuli’s Instagram page to find out more about his intense and rewarding training. 

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