Money. We could all do with more! As the price of fuel goes up, rental rates rise and dinner dates dent your monthly budget, many are turning to side hustles to make an extra income every month. The small, creative and easy micro-businesses give you that little bump of income that you’re missing at the end of every month. If you’re eager to start your very own side hustle, but are a little bit lost, here are a few ideas to get you started. 

1. Get creative with a craft 

If you’ve got a creative eye and love to work with your hands sculpting one-of-a-kind masterpieces, then why not harness your passion for a little extra cash. You can create jewellery, trendy trinkets, macrame decor and more by just watching a few online tutorials and applying your skills. 

2. Thrift for vintage gems 

Everyone loves a unique thrift item in their home. The dated pieces come with rich history and quirky design, attracting vintage lovers from all over the web. Find a few thrift or charity stores in your area and go hunting as often as you can for rare antiques, decorative pieces and even rare vintage clothes.

3. Restore old furniture 

Antique furniture is timeless. From modern-mid century cabinets to Edwardian sofa sets, these period pieces are worth a fortune to the right buyer. Visit second-hand furniture stores in your neighbourhood and search for items that have an interesting design or the potential to be transformed into something new. With a new coat of paint, hardware and a bold pop of colour, you can turn worthless items into bespoke must-haves.

4. Become a freelancer 

If you’ve got a knack for the arts and love to write, paint, sculpt or capture moments in time, then freelancing is the side gig for you. Join Facebook groups or advertise your services online for a fair fee. Once you’ve got a few clients, business should pick up naturally through word-of-mouth. 

5. Bake delicious treats

Baking is another relatively simple skill you can pick up in a few months. People love freshly baked bread or scrumptious treats made from scratch. You can focus on one pastry in particular or offer a range of sweet treats. Make sure you have a big enough kitchen to accommodate large orders and remember to post images of your creations online. 

6. Flex your social skills 

Having spent years using social media, we’ve unintentionally become social media experts. Complete a short course online to understand the technicalities of the industry and start managing small local brands. Before you know it, you’ll have racked up dozens of clients. 

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