At some point in life, we’ll all need some extra space. Whether you’re a third-year student whose shelves are overflowing with books, or you’ve just started an e-commerce business and need a secure place to store stock, self storage is a smart and affordable solution to your ever-growing need for space. 

With 18 different unit sizes to choose from at our Reading facility, deciding what size unit is the best fit can be a bit tricky, especially if it’s your first time. To give you a better idea of what you can fit in a storage unit, we’ve broken down our most popular unit sizes at Pink Hippo Self Storage and how much you can squeeze into each!

20 sq ft unit 

If you can comfortably fit all your items in a transit van, then this unit is a perfect size. The 20 sq ft unit is a popular size amongst homeowners who are moving, renovating or welcoming a new addition to the family and need to free up the spare room. You can easily store furniture and other large items, such as: 

  • Medium-sized appliances 
  • Bicycles 
  • Dressers 
  • Small sofas 
  • TV sets

35 sq ft unit 

If you’re moving, relocating or growing a business, the 35 sq ft unit has enough room to fit the contents of a 1-bedroom flat. This is ideal for businesses and homeowners who need to store items like: 

  • Dining room furniture sets
  • Large household appliances 
  • Garden tools and equipment 
  • Sofa sets 
  • Office desk and filing cabinets 

50 sq ft unit 

The 50 sq ft unit can comfortably hold the contents of a 1-bedroom house or small office space. This makes it an ideal unit to store household items during a move or renovation, or if you need a secure space to store stock or office furniture. The following items can be stored here: 

  • Double bed 
  • Living room furniture 
  • Large household appliances (freezer, fridge, etc.)
  • Construction equipment 
  • Garage tools 

75 sq ft unit 

The 75 sq ft unit is a popular size for growing families and businesses. With enough space to fit close to 150 boxes, there is plenty of room to safely store everything you need. This includes: 

  • Bookcases
  • Large living room furniture 
  • Garage contents 
  • King-size mattress 
  • Large household appliances 
  • Business stock 

100 sq ft unit 

The 100 sq ft unit is a favourite for homeowners and businesses who need extra space to store large items. The spacious unit can comfortably hold a two-bedroom flat or act as an operating base or warehouse for businesses. You can easily store: 

  • Bulky furniture and appliances 
  • Sports equipment 
  • Office furniture  
  • Musical instruments 
  • Large amounts of merchandise 

150 sq ft unit 

This size unit is a great storage solution for growing businesses or large families. It can be used as an extension of your home during large-scale renovations or as an affordable warehousing space to store equipment or stock. You can fit the following items in this unit: 

  • Office desks and furniture
  • Bulky equipment and machinery 
  • Palletised stock 
  • Full-length mirrors 
  • Multiple beds and dressers 
  • Gym equipment 

200 sq ft unit 

If you’re looking for an alternative to expensive warehousing, the 200 sq ft unit is the answer. The enormous unit can fit the contents of a 4-bedroom house or a double garage. This unit can comfortably hold: 

  • Palletised goods and business stock 
  • Garage contents 
  • Office furniture 
  • Bed sets and other large household furniture 
  • Industry machinery and equipment 

215 sq ft unit 

As the largest unit available, the 215 sq ft unit is an obvious choice for businesses. Whether downsizing your office space or expanding your e-commerce business, you can safely store any and all of your items in this unit, including: 

  • Palletised goods and business stock 
  • Garage and shed contents 
  • Sport equipment 
  • Industrial machinery and equipment 
  • Office furniture 

Whether you’re looking for a decluttering solution or a safe place to store business stock, we have a unit for you! Ideally located in Reading and Leatherhead, Pink Hippo Self Storage offers secure and low-cost self storage with a wide range of unit sizes that can be personalised to your needs. Give us a call or complete our quick online contact form