If only that new home feel could last a lifetime, but sadly, it doesn’t. Whether you’ve bought a pre-loved pad or have worn-out a new home, your space can quickly become stale and outdated if you don’t regularly work on it. While modernising your home can be costly, with some thought and a little DIY, you can give it a new look for much less. From adding some greenery to making a fun DIY project, here are a few simple and budget-friendly ways you can bring life back into your home. 

Go crazy with greenery 

Greenery is a low-cost way to update a dull space. From cacti and ferns to fresh flowers and delicious monsters, there are plenty of plants that flourish indoors. Adding a touch of greenery to your decor will make all your cold and uninviting corners appear warm and lively. Plants are also excellent pollution filters, cleaning and purifying the air in your home without charging a dime. 

Liven up your wall space 

Whether giving your home an edgy grey undertone or incorporating a powerful print on one or two walls, a new look can do wonders for your wall space. To make your home appear more fresh and modern, try to stick with colours that are timeless. Lighter tones will also brighten up your space and make your room appear bigger than it is. 

Give your layout a new look 

Rearranging your home won’t cost you anything and could make a huge difference to the aesthetic aspects of your space. When rearranging your space, position furniture so that it frames your room and invites people in. Purchasing furnishings, such as throw pillows, window treatments or bedding can also rejuvenate a room that may be feeling stale.

Get rid of clutter for good 

Approach clutter-clearing in a systematic way so the job doesn’t overwhelm you. Start by mentally identifying which parts of your house could use a “fresh” look, like the front hall, entryway closet, or kitchen counters. Next, make an inventory of all your items that need organising (from household stuff like sheets and toiletries to seasonal things like ski jackets). Label boxes with the rooms they belong in and put them in storage. 

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