Buying a home is a big decision that requires careful thought and planning. If you’re buying a home in Reading, then there are a few particular details to keep in mind. As a large town on the Thames and Kennet rivers, Reading is known for its lively entertainment scene, rich history, and of course the world’s longest-running rock festival.

Over recent years, Reading has strengthened its job market and experienced economic growth. The upward growth trend has painted Reading in a good light, presenting the bustling town as a strong property investment option.

When looking to buy property in Reading, consider the following.

Consider a higher budget

Along with Reading’s economic growth is a rise in tenant demand and rental yields. Property prices in Reading are higher than the national average, and even the cost to upsize your home is more expensive. So, make sure that you consider the higher cost when buying a home in Reading.

Transport in Reading

As a larger town, Reading has no shortage of transport options which include public transport (bus) and private transport by car or taxi. There are also bike lanes throughout the town to make moving around easier. Reading is also a major junction point on the UK’s national rail system and the Reading Station links to both Waterloo and Paddington station in London.

Schools in Reading

Reading has a large selection of schools, making the town a top choice for families. For example, there are at least 40 schools for primary-aged children and nine secondary schools. Additionally, Reading has been ranked as one of Britain’s best towns for families who enjoy spending time outdoors, with 217 family-friendly outdoor spaces.

Thriving entertainment scene

There’s a wide selection of things to do in Reading, with something to suit everyone. From a choice of bars and restaurants to sporting events and musical productions, the options are endless. So, once you’ve finished unpacking your boxes, you’ll have plenty of activities to enjoy!

Overall, Reading is a wonderful place to invest in property. If you need help during the move, then our friendly and helpful team at Pink Hippo Self Storage is just a call away. We offer a variety of different sized storage units to best meet your needs. 

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