People downsize their living space for different reasons. Various life seasons, such as relocating to the city,, looking to live a simpler lifestyle or having children leave the home, may lead you to downsize your home. 

Some businesses also downscale their office space, realising that they don’t need as much space as before. Then of course there is the shift for more businesses going online.

While downsizing may be a practical option, it can also be intimidating, especially if you have a lot of stuff. To help, we’ve put together a few top tips to make the job of downsizing more efficient.

Consider the size of your new space

Whether you’re downsizing for financial reasons or added convenience, you need to consider the size of your new space to determine what will fit inside. Take note of the measurements and number of rooms to guide your decision on what to keep, donate, store or throw out.

Consider your future priorities

As you move on to the next season in your life, take a moment to consider your priorities. Are you willing to sacrifice a smaller living area to have a garden? Is a dining space a priority to host friends for dinner?  Your priorities will help you decide what furniture and belongings to take with you.

Adopt a decluttering mentality

When downsizing, you’ll have to choose which items you want to take with you. One of the best ways to downscale is to declutter the space you’re currently in. There are a few decluttering tips to make the job easier, like using the one-year rule, starting with the biggest room and drawing up a system. This previous blog post will help you.

Start small and work consistently

There are a few steps involved in downsizing. Working through these steps in your own time can relieve a lot of stress. Take inventory of your belongings, sort through items room-by-room and measure the furniture for your new space. The earlier that you start, then the less overwhelming downsizing will be.

Take advantage of secure self storage

When you’re downsizing, you’ll have to choose which items you want to take with you. This can be a difficult process, especially if you have a lot of stuff. Self storage can help make the process easier by providing a convenient and safe place to store your belongings. You can access your belongings whenever you need them, which makes it a great option for people who are downsizing but still need to keep some items.

At Pink Hippo Self Storage, we offer secure and cost-effective self storage solutions in Leatherhead, Surrey and Reading. We work with homeowners to downsize their living space by offering a convenient option for space.

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