As your business becomes more successful, you may outgrow your home office. Renting office space is a common overhead for businesses and there are various ways to save on that cost.

If you’re a new business owner looking for tips on renting office space, then you’ve come to the right place. Here are five pieces of advice on renting a productive and affordable office space.

Consider the location

It’s important to consider location and accessibility when renting an office space. Ideally, the space should be nearby resources and amenities needed for your business. It should also be accessible for staff, clients and suppliers.

Take note of your space requirements

The office space should meet your company’s needs. It should provide enough room for all staff and be big enough to accommodate future growth. Consider the type of layout and design that would suit your business. For example, if you need workshop space or room for collaboration, then the office should meet these needs.

Choose a flexible lease

Life is full of ups and downs, which is also true in business. While long-term lease agreements may offer discounted rates, they can also lead to you paying for space that you no longer need. Aim to choose a flexible lease agreement that allows your need for space to change as your business grows or changes.

Prioritise security

When renting office space, it is important to consider the security of the premises. This includes ensuring that the space is physically secure with the likes of CCTV surveillance as well as making sure that confidential information is protected through restricted access.

Ask about amenities

Take a moment to consider the amenities offered by the premise, including the physical comfort of the space as well as extra facilities such as broadband and meeting rooms. These amenities can have a big impact on both productivity and employee satisfaction.


Ultimately, there are a few factors to consider in order to find the perfect fit when choosing an office space for your business. Location, size, price, and amenities should all be taken into account when searching for office space.

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