A quality manager can have a positive impact on the business. Improved communication, boosted productivity and motivated employees are all the results of a great manager.  

So, what separates a great manager from an average one? Let’s explore a few ways that a great manager does their job. 

Get to know their employees 

When a manager makes an effort to get to know their team, it’s easier to delegate tasks according to everyone’s strengths and weaknesses and employees feel better appreciated by their leader. There are various ways to build a relationship with employees, such as having team lunches and listening actively. 

Set a positive example 

Managers should always set a positive example for their employees by talking the talk and walking the walk. When employees see their manager working hard and keeping a positive attitude, it builds trust and respect. By setting a good example, managers can inspire their employees to work harder and be more productive.  

Keep the lines of communication open 

One of the most effective ways that a manager can keep the lines of communication open is to be approachable. If employees feel like they can go to their manager with any question or concern, they are more likely to come forward with great ideas and constructive feedback. Great managers also make an effort to check in with their employees regularly, either in person, via email or another communication method.  

Provide an opportunity to upskill 

Quality managers know that it’s important to provide opportunities for their team to upskill which is why they often offer training and development programs, as well as educational opportunities. By doing this, good managers help their team members stay current in their field, learn new skills, and grow as professionals. They may also encourage their team members to pursue their passions outside of work, helping to build a more well-rounded team that can contribute to the company in a variety of ways. 

Give credit when due 

When someone on their team does something good, a great manager makes sure to let everyone know. By rewarding excellence and highlighting positive contributions, employees feel valued and motivated to offer their best work.  


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