As your family grows or your lifestyle changes, so may your need for a bigger home. So, should you pack up and move to a bigger home or simply build onto your existing one? Whether you are welcoming a new bundle of joy or just need a bit more space, we look at the top factors to consider before choosing between moving and renovating.  

Be realistic about finances 

Start by researching all costs involved in both options. Will it be more affordable to sell or add on that extra bedroom? Weigh the value of your home, the current state of the residential market and moving costs against the total estimated cost of the renovation and how much the new addition could potentially add to your property value.  

Check with local authorities 

With renovating, particularly within a gated community, you may need to check with your local authority or homeowners’ association whether you are allowed to make certain changes and extensions and whether or not there are additional administrative costs you may have to pay. 

Think about your location 

If you’re leaning towards moving, consider your kid’s school commute, as well as your work commute. Compare the convenience (or inconvenience) of your current location against where you would potentially move. Decide which area is more cost-effective, convenient, quieter and lifestyle friendly.    

Can you handle the disruptions? 

Both renovating and moving come with disruptions. Can you handle the temporary inconvenience of constant drilling and the mountain of dust of a home renovation? Are you ready to tackle the long road of a property sale, house hunting, packing up, physically moving, unpacking and getting everyone settled? Considering all disruptions that may occur will ensure you make the right decision for yourself and your family. 

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