Moving out of your childhood bedroom is a hard step to take but moving into a university dorm gives you the chance to embrace a new chapter in your life and make your dorm room a personal oasis.   

If you’re a student in need of some guidance, check out some of the essentials we believe every student should have. 

A mattress pad 

Dorm room mattresses don’t get replaced all too often. Having a mattress pad can elevate the discomfort of a potentially lumpy and uneven mattress you’ll be sleeping on all year. It’s almost like having a brand-new mattress – only more cost-effective. 

Hanging laundry hamper 

Instead of a traditional laundry basket that takes up extremely limited floor space, invest in a hanging laundry basket that can comfortably fit on the back of your door or inside your cupboard. It holds a maximum weight of 6 to 12 kilos, ensuring no dirty clothes are left hanging on your desk chair.   

Shower shoes 

Communal bathrooms might trigger your inner germaphobe, but you can protect yourself from any germs floating around by investing in a pair of waterproof shower shoes. Make sure to purchase ones with an anti-slip function, ensuring you avoid any accidental injuries. 

Bulletin board

Having a dedicated space to keep track of due dates, exams, study sessions, social plans, and other valuable information can help to keep you from feeling overwhelmed. A physical board or planner allows you to lay everything out, assisting you in prioritising your time effectively as you view and update the board daily. 

A handheld vacuum 

This portable version of the traditional vacuum is perfect for maintaining a dust-free dorm room. This easily transportable device will not only help in cleaning the food debris from last night’s meal but will also get into the small corners of your room with ease.   

Dorm rooms can be exceedingly small and feel even smaller if cluttered, but you can make more room with Pink Hippo. Whether you need student storage for one semester or the entire year, we provide flexible and low-cost student storage solutions. Contact our Reading facility on 0118 957 1573 to learn more.