An average dorm room is, well, small, especially if you’re sharing with another person. However, small doesn’t have to be limiting. While this isn’t the green light to start piling on the clutter, there are uncomplicated ways to create more space. Have a look at our top suggestions for how to optimise your small dorm room space. 

Coordinate with your roommate 

Touch base with your roommate beforehand to ensure you don’t duplicate items. For example, if your roommate is bringing bean bag chairs, opt to supply the rug instead of bringing another seating option and limiting your space even further.  

Put your backpack to clever use 

Store your study books, stationery supplies, and other traditional desk items in your bag, which you can then pack into the cupboard and out of your way. It will not only free up space in your desk drawers but also ensure that your bag is prepacked for class if you’re running late for that 8am lecture. 

Simplify linens 

Maximise the use of your linen. If you are a student who loves to travel and camp on weekends, instead of storing your bulky sleeping bag in your tiny cupboard, go ahead and use it as a duvet. You’ll sleep cosier knowing the top shelf is now available for festival gear! 

Utilise luggage and trunks 

With some bed risers on your shopping list, you should have no problem lifting your bed a little higher to effectively use the wasted space underneath. Grab your suitcase, load it with non-essentials and seasonal clothing, and pop it under the bed. 

Sell old textbooks 

Once your course is complete, sell your textbooks. Not only are you making some extra pocket money for weekend shopping sprees, but you will also keep your bookshelf organised and decluttered. 


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