A massive 96% of real estate agents agree that improving a home’s overall curb appeal is an essential step in the selling process. The exterior of your home is the first thing potential buyers see and should make a positive and lasting impression.

If you’re ready for a change of scenery, try our guide to boosting your home’s curb appeal before selling.

A deep clean

Any noticeable household neglect will immediately impact a buyer’s decision. Clean all windows, rake up leaves and other garden debris, clean the gutters, pressure-wash the driveway and patio, and ensure all mould is taken care of to give your home a picture-perfect face.

The entrance

If you want a potential buyer to fall in love at first sight, there are a few ways to elevate the entrance. You can create the perfect home aesthetic by painting the front door a standout colour, installing a visible house number, and having patio furniture on display.

A splash of paint

Beauty is in the eye of the beholder, and your home’s exterior should beholding a buyer’s attention (pun fully intended). Give the entire exterior, including the garage door, a fresh coat of paint for a refreshed look. A new paint job can instantly give your home a facelift.

Let there be light

If potential buyers are viewing the property at night, it’s vital to ensure the outside is well lit, so ensure that all porch/patio lights have working bulbs. A soft yellow tone is best for highlighting key features and creating a welcoming atmosphere.

The garden

If your garden is a little lacklustre, it can bring down the overall property aesthetic. Ensure that the grass, hedges, and shrubs are neatly trimmed, and consider planting a few low-cost colourful flowerbeds.

Pro tip: turn the sprinklers on for a few minutes before a showing to make the lawn glisten just right.


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