With more businesses moving from physical offices to remote ones, it can be difficult for team members – particularly new ones – to build strong working relationships. If you need to bring your team together for something other than another meeting, we can help.  

Select a team member each week to be in charge of one fun team-building activity for remote employees. Here are a few top suggestions to get started. 

A diverse map  

If your teammates are spread across the globe, have each team member state where they were born or give a place they’ve visited (locally or internationally) and their three favourite things about that location. You may end up with new places to add to your travel bucket list.   

Two truths and a lie  

Each member announces two truths and one lie about themselves, and the team has to guess which one they believe is the lie. This is a great excuse to pull out funny childhood or wild party memories and get to know a different side of your teammates.   

A picture is worth a thousand words  

Everyone has to share a photo with the team. The other members will then provide details on what they think the backstory is. The one with the correct or the closest guess wins. The more embarrassing the picture, the better! 

Life goals  

Have everyone create and share a bucket list with five things they want to do or see in their lifetime. This can vary from skydiving to living long enough to see the first group of people live on Mars. Remember to factor in time for curious people to ask questions.  

Wrong answers only 

One team member will prepare a list of questions – ranging from general knowledge to completely ridiculous – and the rest will shout out wrong answers only. Double points for the funniest answer! Things can get a little crazy, but there’s fun in chaos. 


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