Are you looking for ways to add brightness to your beige and lifeless student accommodation? You’re in luck! Although standard student rooms can be small and bland, you can make yours brighter and more inviting with just a few simple changes and a bit of creativity. Try some of these delightful tips to brighten up your dorm room. 

Embrace fairy light aesthetic  

For low-cost ambient lighting, fairy lights are a student’s best friend! Whether you hang them around your headboard, across the ceiling or spell out a word across a blank wall, they’re easy to use and move around.   

Choose bedding carefully  

With the bed being the focal point of your room, the linen you choose can drastically brighten your space. Opt for light colours such as white, yellow, pink or light blue. White bedding is perfect for adding bright pops of colour with inexpensive throw blankets and pillows.   

Maximise wall décor  

From frames, posters and gallery walls to photo collages and dream boards, walls are a great place to start when it comes to adding colour and personality. Double-sided tape and command hooks are a renter-friendly option for hanging frames while ensuring you get your deposit back at the end of the year.  

Invest in affirmation boards  

Place an affirmation light-up board on your desk and switch between different messages throughout the year. From uplifting quotes to funny jokes or reminders about assignment deadlines, affirmation boards are perfect for adding brightness while keeping you motivated. 


A cluttered space often looks smaller and darker than it is. If your room is packed to the brim with empty suitcases, clunky sporting gear and seasonal clothes you won’t need for a bit, declutter as much as you can and place items in storage until you need them.  


Whether you’re a student looking for affordable storage options while you travel or need extra space to live clutter-free throughout the year, Pink Hippo is your solution.  

With student storage units starting as small as a locker and flexible rental agreements, our Reading team can help you keep dorm room extras and childhood memories safe for as long as you need. Give us a call on 0118 957 1573 to learn more.