Whether you’re a freelancer, have a budding startup or run an established business, paperwork and files can quickly become overwhelming. However, filing needs to be done by someone. Whether you’re tired of losing documents or annoyed by the clutter, we cover a few helpful tips for storing documents safely and ensuring your paper pressure is a thing of the past.

Go through all documents  

Go through all documents and paperwork spread throughout your office. Decide which are valuable for keeping, which are duplicates and which are no longer needed – these can be shredded. Organise everything into piles for easier packing later. 

Create a system  

Whether you prefer a filing cabinet or shelves lined with lever arch files, the filing must commence. There are a wide range of filing systems available, so do a little research and find one you can maintain with minimal effort. Using colour coding and sub-headings is a simple system to maintain and can ensure you find documents quicker.

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Label everything clearly  

Once you’ve decided between a filing cabinet, lever arch files or a self storage unit, ensure everything is labelled clearly. From document storage box stickers to plastic tabs in a filing cabinet, descriptive labels can help ensure you never lose important paperwork again. 

Have a basket for loose documents  

Designate a spot for employees to put miscellaneous documents throughout the week. Designate one day a week for sorting through documents and filing them. This is a simple way to prevent documents from piling up, getting lost or damaged. 

Maintain your filing system  

Every three to six months (depending on how heavy your paperwork load is), go through all unfiled documents and throw away those you no longer need. Files that you still want to hang onto, but don’t need everyday access to, can be put in a self storage unit for a clutter-free workspace. 

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