Whether getting ready to move house or simply downsizing, there’s no denying that keeping big-budget appliances, like a washing machine, safe can be a struggle. If you don’t know the first thing about storing your machine, we’re here to help.  

Covering the must-know dos and don’ts, we unpack how to correctly prep a washing machine for storage to ensure it comes out in tip-top condition. 

Step one: Clean the machine 

If you leave washing powder or dirt in the drum, hose or detergent drawer, it can harden and become impossible to remove. Pour bleach or white wine vinegar into the dispenser, select the hot water cycle and let your machine do the rest. Use a damp cloth and standard household cleaner to wipe down the door and side panels.

Step two: Remove any residual water 

A washing machine’s inner mechanisms can be damaged if retained water is left behind for any amount of time. Switch off the water supply, disconnect the inlet hose and turn off any live electrical circuits and plugs. Remove the outlet pipe from the drain socket and place the end in a bucket for drained water. Gently rock the machine to expedite this process.

Step three: Prepare for transport 

Place all small and detachable components inside the machine for safekeeping. Using duct tape, stick large hoses and electrical wires to the top, back or side of the machine, and seal the drawers and loading door shut during transport. Lastly, wrap the machine in a layer of bubble wrap to protect it during transit.  

Purchase bubble wrap at our convenient onsite packaging shop.

Step four: Store appliances safely in your unit 

Store your machine on a wooden pallet or a few pieces of flattened cardboard, and leave the loading door slightly open to allow for airflow. Cover the washing machine with a sheet or blanket to protect it from scratches and dents. The storage unit will ensure its protected against direct sunlight and in no danger of fading. 

Pro-tip: Smear the rubber loading door with a thin layer of Vaseline to prevent it from sticking to the seal.

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