Moving with kids can seem downright impossible! In addition to the usual chaos of packing and preparing, you also have to ensure your little ones are taken care of. If you’ve got your hands full with moving day drama, worry no more. We cover the top essentials to keep on hand when moving with kids.

‘Pack ‘n plays’ 

Keeping kids contained in one space allows you to move quickly through tasks. Whether you invest in a pack ‘n play or section off and child-proof part of your house using baby gates, this is the perfect solution to ensure you get some work done while your kids play safely.

First-night essentials 

All their belongings will need to be packed up, however, it’s helpful to pack a separate overnight bag first. Include items such as a change of clothes, pyjamas, toiletries, diapers, their favourite toy, night light and any other small items they might need to settle in on their first evening in your new home.  

Pro-tip: If your kids are still in diapers, include a rubbish bag or two instead of hastily unpacking kitchen boxes at the last minute.

Their favourite toys and games 

Make sure to keep your iPad or laptop and charger and their colouring or reading books close by so your kids have constant distractions to keep them busy while you get some work done. These items can also keep them entertained during the commute if you’re moving long distances.

A first aid kit 

Moving comes with injuries. From a simple knee graze falling outside to stressed sinuses from an accumulation of dust, keep a first aid kit on hand for your kids and yourself to ensure you’re ready for any problems that could arise.

Snacks and drinks 

Be sure to keep snacks and drinks on hand for yourself and your kids throughout your move to avoid the whining that comes with a growling tummy. Plonk them in front of their favourite show with some snacks so you can enjoy a couple of distraction-free hours unpacking.

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