It’s almost Christmas, which means your in-laws, grandparents, parents and more are probably coming to town! Whether it’s family or friends you’re expecting, there are a few things you should consider to ensure your house is ready for any expected visitors. 

Keep reading to get your home in tip-top shape before your guests arrive. 

Upgrade your guest bathroom 

You don’t have to renovate or remodel to make a guest bathroom feel more inviting. Upgrades can include replacing the shower curtain or floor coverings. You can also add a splash of paint or a few potted plants to boost the aesthetic. 

Have a functional guest bedroom 

Your guests will need an empty cupboard and some fresh bedding. If you don’t have a guest bedroom and they’re sleeping in your lounge, make space for their belongings in a cabinet or two. Comfortability and functionality are vital to a comfy stay. 

Pro Tip: you can also make sure an outlet is easily visible with extra charging cables – in case they forget theirs. 

Make time for spring cleaning 

You will be proud to open your home to friends and family over the Christmas holidays, knowing you’ve done all you can to ensure it’s clean and even more inviting than they remember. 

Pro Tip: don’t go on a crazy cleaning spree and clean from floor to roof; your family is coming to see you – not how clean everything is. 

Have toiletries available – just in case 

If your guests are boarding a flight, chances are they won’t be carrying very many toiletries. The last thing they will want to do is find a shop that sells them as they land, so ensure you put some toiletries in the guest bathroom for them so they can enjoy a hot shower after a long flight. 

Make your kitchen easily accessible 

Ensure essentials such as coffee, tea and milk are visible or known to your guests. You want them to feel at home while visiting and be able to do things for themselves, rather than asking you four times a day where you keep the teaspoons. 


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