Christmas is just around the corner! It’s the time of the year when we all scramble to get our gifts finalised. Whether it’s for your children or maybe your young heart also enjoys waking up to a stocking full of goodies, this blog post will provide you with a guide on how to make your own personalised Christmas stockings!

Step one: Choose the right fabric

There are many choices of fabric for the perfect Christmas stocking – examples include:

· Half Panama for a rustic look

· Vintage Loop Back Jersey for a trendy and stylish option

· Polar Fleece, Plush Velvet or Suede Vision for traditional and cosy styles

Step two: Use a Christmas stocking template

Using the template below, cut out the pattern and glue pieces A1 and A2 together along the dotted lines with tape. Keep piece B separate, as this will be your cuff panel. This piece can be made from the same fabric as the sock – or you can choose a completely different fabric.

Use this Christmas Stocking template!

Step three: Cut and pin together

Lay your paper patterns on top of your fabric, pin them in place and cut around the outside. Take your two fabric sock panels and pin them together – the side with your print or design should face inwards.

Step four: Stitching time!

Stitch your sock together, leaving a 1cm seam allowance. It’s important to leave the top of your sock open otherwise, where will the goodies go?

Step five: The cuff

· Lay the two panels of the cuff together with the right sides facing in

· Sandwich a loop of ribbon between the panels with the ends of the ribbon sticking out through one of the side seams

· Sew the left and right edges of the panels leaving the top and bottom open

· Fold the bottom edge of the cuff to meet the top, with the wrong sides facing in

· The ribbon loop should now be showing on the outside, near the folded edge

Pro Tip: Make sure you place the ribbon as close to the middle of the seam as possible (the fold line) to ensure it ends up at the top of the completed stocking.

Step six: Introducing the sock to the cuff

· Place the cuff inside the sock panels; so all raw edges of the cuff and sock align at the top

· Ensure the side with the ribbon loop is on the same side as the sock heel

· Sew the raw edges together in a circle, so you can still access the inside

· Turn your stocking inside out; so the right side is facing out

· Press the seams flat – and there you go ho, ho, – you have your very own personalised Christmas stocking!

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