For most parents, children’s artwork is a source of pride and joy! Whether it’s a homemade card, finger painting project or clay sculpture, preserving your child’s art can help you relive those special moments for years to come. 

But between school projects and birthday cards, it can be hard to know where to start when it comes to storing their artwork. 

Here are a few tips for preserving and storing your child’s art so you can look back fondly on these memories for years to come. 

Create a digital library 

Use apps like Google Photos or Dropbox, which allow you to store unlimited photos and videos, making it easy to access and share with family and friends!  

  • Take photos of the pieces over time 
  • Then, upload them so that you have all of their artwork stored in one place  

It’s also a great way to save space around the house since you won’t need physical storage solutions as much – and the pieces are less likely to get damaged!  

Create scrapbooks and photo albums 

Start by organising the pieces into categories such as grade level, season, holiday, etc., then use scrapbooking supplies such as stickers, ribbons, sequins and more to bring each page together. You can also buy pre-made albums from craft stores with acid-free tissue paper inserts perfect for protecting delicate items like watercolour paintings or pastel drawings.  

Pro Tip: adding captions underneath each piece will help make the album even more special – you might even want to include quotes from your children about what inspired that piece. 

Frame special pieces 

If there are pieces that stand out, it might be worth framing instead of just stashing them away in a box somewhere! The framing adds a layer of protection while also making the piece look professional on display. There are plenty of options available online and at local stores that cater specifically toward framing artworks, including matting colours and frame styles, so you don’t have to worry about finding something that matches your existing décor.  

Pro Tip: if framed properly (with UV protective glass), they should last until adulthood without any issues due to fading or discoloration from light exposure over time.   

Let Pink Hippo help with preserving your child’s artwork and honour their creativity. If you don’t have space in your small apartment, instead of stuffing it in a box and at the back of a cupboard, use a few tips above and store it in one of our many available storage units. 

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