If you’re expecting a baby, congratulations, this is an exciting time. However, there are many things to think about as you prepare for your little bundle of joy. But one thing that often falls by the wayside is figuring out how to store all the baby items you’ll acquire (while putting together the perfect nursery). 

Enter self storage solutions – the perfect way to declutter your home and make room for your growing family. Let’s look at how self storage can help you prepare for your new baby. 

Plan ahead 

When it comes to having a baby, planning is key. Babies require quite a bit – from clothes and toys to furniture and other necessary items – so it’s important to know what you need before making any big purchases or decisions. A great place to start is self storage solutions – taking advantage of these services allows you to store bulky furniture and free up space for your little one in your home. 

Pro Tip: if you don’t have a guestroom for an entire nursery, store seasonal and bulky home items with Pink Hippo. 

Take your time organising 

It can be overwhelming trying to keep track of all the clothes, toys, furniture, etc., so having an organised system in place will make it much easier when it comes time to find everything quickly and efficiently. By renting out one unit specifically dedicated to storing all your baby items, it will be much easier to keep everything organised and enable you to sort through everything. 

Create more space at home 

Having a new baby means that there will inevitably be less space in your home due to all their gear taking up residence in nearly every room! If you’re already running low on space before the arrival of your little one, self storage could provide some much-needed relief from clutter overload. It’s also ideal if you have limited room in the nursery, as it gives you somewhere secure and safe for larger pieces like cribs and rocking chairs or even extra boxes of diapers! 


Self storage solutions are invaluable when preparing for a new baby; they give you peace of mind knowing that all your items are stored safely away from prying eyes – and gives you organising and preparation time. Pink Hippo has a wide range of unit sizes allowing you to personalise your unit to your needs and budget – plus, we have a promotion at our Reading facility, where you can receive anything from *25% to 50% off your first three months with us. 

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