Whether you work in an office or from the comfort of your home, there’s no denying that work can take it out of you, and a holiday is a well-deserved break we all need from time to time. While a vacation is something we all look forward to, even a low key holiday can take a pretty chunk out of your wallet without the proper planning. 

Whether you’re going abroad or staying somewhat local, we look at travelling on a budget and a few top tips for planning a memorable holiday without breaking the bank.


Advanced planning is key!

A spontaneous trip may look fun on TikTok, but a last-minute adventure will not be kind to your bank account. If you’re travelling abroad, you can save tons simply by booking your plane tickets and accommodation well in advance. This is a simple but very effective tip!


Consider your destination

The world is a very big place, and one way to save money is by considering locations other than “traditional” holiday hotspots, such as Paris or Venice. Do your research and find countries with favourable exchange rates that offer an experience different to your day-to-day life. After all, a new experience is priceless.


Avoid chain hotels

While big chain hotels offer a number of amenities, they also include a pretty hefty price tag. Instead, consider independent hotels, local bungalows (if you’re going coastal), short-stay apartment rentals and Airbnbs. You’ll be able to enjoy all the traditional amenities at a lower rate leaving more money for excursions.


Go local

From the fashionable streets of Milan to the golden shores of Cape Town, every city has tourist traps designed to separate you from your money. While some tourist spots are worth a visit, find out where the locals go. Most locals love talking about their favourite spots in the city and will be happy to give you a few recommendations.


Research free things to do

Free is the sweetest word in any language! From city walking tours to national parks, weekly markets, museums and more, every city is bound to have a variety of fun free activities to suit almost any interest and age group. 


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