Inflation has never been anyone’s friend, and with the continuing rise of living costs, it’s become more important than ever before to cut or reduce costs wherever possible. If rising costs are keeping you up at night, you’re not alone, but never fear. We look at a few easy-to-implement tips to reduce your energy bill so you can keep affording groceries and your life-saving coffee habit. Let’s get energy-wise!


Turn off your appliances

Not everyone knows this, but even when your appliances are off, they still use a small amount of power when in standby mode. This includes your TV, sound system, game console, printer and others. According to the Energy Saving Trust, you can save around £65 a year by turning them off at the wall. It may not seem like a drastic reduction, but that’s around 20 cups of coffee from your local roastery! Every bit counts. 


Use your dryer sparingly

As we shift out of the cold clutches of winter, now is the perfect time to cut back on how often you use your dryer. A simple clothesline in the yard is a great way to cut costs, and if you’re renting, a fold-up clotheshorse is your new best friend. Remember to use the spin cycle on your washer to remove as much moisture as possible and wash clothes at a lower temperature.


Retain heat

Just because it’s no longer winter doesn’t mean it’s sunshine and hot summer days 24/7. A simple tip to avoid excess heater usage is to better retain heat in your home. Two-layered curtains are a great solution but remember to ensure that they’re fitted close to the window frame or against the wall to create a seal against cold incoming air.


Be kettle savvy

There’s nothing quite as good as a cup of tea throughout the day but aim to avoid overfilling the kettle, particularly if you’re only making one or two cups. Many of us are guilty of unconsciously brimming the kettle but it takes longer to boil and uses way more electricity than necessary – especially if you’re having another cup in an hour or two. 


Stack the dishwasher

If you don’t know how to properly stack a dishwasher to fit the maximum amount of items, it’s time for a tutorial! Running a half-empty dishwasher is one of the biggest energy-wasting habits we do for the sake of convenience. If you only have a few dishes, it’s time for some old-fashioned elbow grease.


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