At Pink Hippo, we are truly honoured to work with some incredible businesses. Sonder Studios is one of them. These exceptional tattoo artists have turned one of our storage units into a fully-fledged tattoo parlour and we love what they’ve done with the place! We chatted to them to find out more about their operations and how self storage has helped them bring the WOW factor to their work.


How has self storage helped you? 

As a small start-up business, self storage has enabled us to have our own private studio without the hefty fees. The unique workspace has helped us to stand out against other tattoo studios in the local area.

How are you using self storage in your business? 

Our unit is currently being used as a private tattoo studio. We rent two spaces, and use one as a waiting room and the other as a treatment room.

What would you say is your most significant achievement so far? 

Our biggest achievement is the launch of Sonder Studios and its continued success. It was a business decision we were forced to make quite quickly, unsure if it would work out, but a year later, we have built a great name for ourselves amongst clients & other artists, and are seeing constant growth. 

What tips or tricks would you recommend to other businesses? 

One tip we would recommend for businesses using self storage is to think outside the box. A small space can be transformed into whatever you want — anything is achievable.

What was the biggest challenge your business faced?

The biggest challenge our business has had to overcome was obtaining our licences. [Operating out of a self storage unit] was something that had never been done before, and we were unsure if all our hard work building the shop would go to waste. Luckily, we had a great team on hand at Pink  Hippo to make sure all our requirements were met to ensure a smooth and easy pass!

Is there anything you wish you had known when you were starting out? 

The one thing we wish we knew before starting a business would be just how rewarding it is; there is no better feeling than spending a day in your own shop, creating things you love in a space. We wish we had done it sooner.

What are your goals for the future? 

We hope to have expanded Sonder Studios into a larger space, be that across more units or in a different premises. We want to have enough free space for artists to come and guest with us, increasing our reach across the UK, and even work alongside other creatives in different industries. 

How do you stay motivated? 

What motivates us is the apprentices we were three and five years ago. If we look back at all the hard work it took to get here and just how much we have achieved, it encourages us to keep going — who knows where it will take us. 

How Self Storage Can Help Your Business

Businesses using self storage facilities to grow

When you store with us, you can rest assured that your business’ belongings are in the best hands. Our modern and secure facilities are alarmed, monitored 24/7 by CCTV cameras, and covered by insurance, guaranteeing the maximum protection for your goods. 

How businesses use self storage to their benefit:

  • Business archive storage: Safely store your confidential documents in a secure storage unit, whether it’s a few boxes of receipts or several years’ worth of archives.
  • Commercial storage: Free up space to work and contain any surplus stock and supplies within a modern business storage unit.
  • Office furniture: If your office furniture is getting in the way, store it in a secure commercial storage unit near your office location.
  • Online stock storage: Safely store all your excess stock when the season picks up, and if things die down, you can downsize your unit with ease.
  • Warehouse storage: Utilise large warehouse space if your business requires an expansive space, and pack your items away with high-tech loading equipment for added convenience.
  • Secure tool storage: Free up space in your van or shed with a self storage unit, ideal for storing expensive tools and equipment.


Pink Hippo Self Storage offers short and long-term contracts, allowing businesses to upgrade their unit size based on availability. If your needs suddenly change, you’re not bound by any restrictive agreements. Our purpose-built storage facilities in Reading and Leatherhead feature a variety of commercial storage units, competitive pricing and flexible storage solutions to suit any self storage needs your business might have.