The self storage industry has come a long way from being a rusty unit guarded by a thin padlock and some old guy with his mangy dog. A burst of growth in recent years, along with shifting self storage needs and evolving customer lifestyles, has led to a steady demand for more storage facilities with the latest and shiniest modern amenities. It’s an exciting time to be a part of this industry and to see how the latest trends have emerged and what the future holds for the landscape of self storage.

What Are the Leading Causes of Self Storage Growth? 

A Rise of Urbanisation and the Growing Need for Decluttering 

As cities become more crowded and our living spaces shrink at an uncomfortable pace, the need for extra storage has soared. Urbanisation trends, along with increasingly popular minimalist movements, have spurred people and their families to downsize their living spaces.. Self storage companies around the world have capitalised on this phenomenon. With the uptake  of this clutter-free lifestyle, people are turning towards storage unit rental to preserve and protect their sentimental possessions, seasonal items, and other belongings they don’t frequently use around the home, which take up precious space. This slow burn over the past few decades has fueled the growth of urban self storage facilities, which sprout up most often around busy residential and commercial areas.

Shifting Demands and Target Markets 

The self storage industry has enjoyed a diversified customer-base in recent years. It’s no longer just younger middle-class customers needing to store  excess household items and homeowners needing assistance during relocation or downsizing. Recently, there has been a surge in business customers, such as e-commerce entrepreneurs, retailers, and even office-based professionals looking for secure storage options for their inventory, equipment, and documents. The ageing population has also become an emerging target market, with retirees downsizing to  smaller living spaces and seeking permanent storage solutions during their golden years.

Technological Growth 

Technology has revolutionised the self storage industry, making this service more efficient, secure, and user-friendly. Facilities are increasingly adopting smart features like digital access controls, automated payment systems, and advanced security systems with surveillance cameras and individual alarm systems for each unit. These innovations were made to improve the overall customer experience while streamlining processes and offering better and more efficient customer support. Customers are loving these new techniques, resulting in a growing demand. Self storage businesses will have to keep up with the curve or be left behind in the dirt with the old man and his dusty dog.


What Are the Latest Trends for Self Storage Facilities? 

A modern self storage unit in a high-tech facility

Improved Security

With CCTV cameras, individual alarms, fire prevention and protection systems, and security staff, the modern self storage facility is nothing short of a fortress! With customers and companies feeling that they can entrust more and more of their valuables  to storage facilities, we expect to see an ongoing arms race  between storage companies hoping to attract customers with their high-tech security. 

Online Experience 

If a self storage business can’t be easily reached or showcase their services to potential customers, they might find themselves treading water soon. Today’s modern customers need user-friendly websites, visually correct space estimators, clear instruction videos, and painless booking and payment systems before they even begin to consider signing a lease agreement for a new self storage unit.

Better Staff Servicing 

A simple nod at reception when you pop by to check in on your stuff just won’t cut it anymore. With so many businesses offering self storage and moving services at a premium level, any facility with rude or apathetic employees will be closing shop and looking for their own storage space soon. Follow-ups, regular check-ins, and short waiting times for queries — these are what self storage companies need to offer their customers, both online, over calls and in person.

More Amenities 

In the early stages of self storage, you received a space you paid for, and what you did with it was your own problem. These days,  storage experts analyse  customer needs and offer them extra services and amenities to save them time and money in the long run. You’re moving houses? A proper facility will provide packaging materials to assist with that. You’re a growing business? You’ll need scalable space options that can shift and change with your current and future needs. You’re a student with clutter issues? It’s time you were offered lockers or storage units that you can share with others by having multiple easy access points, all while saving you money.


The self storage industry is experiencing a transformative phase. As the demand for extra space continues to grow, our self storage facilities will improve to cater to a broader range of customers and their specific needs. Whether it’s a small business owner needing inventory space or a city dweller who needs  extra room for personal belongings, the self storage industry is evolving to meet the demands of its diverse customer base. 

As Pink Hippo enjoys surfing the wave of rising trends, we can’t wait to see what innovations and developments start cresting over the horizon! We’re constantly exploring what we can do to improve our game — so call us today for cutting-edge storage and know your belongings are in safe hands!


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