As a student, you shouldn’t be confining yourself to lecture halls and libraries. There are numerous exciting hang-out spots in Reading where you can unwind, socialise, and let the stress of studies melt away. Whether this unwinding comes in the form of a cushy café, a lively pub, or a serene park, Reading has it all. Let’s go over the best student hang-out spots this charming town offers.


Indoor Student Chill Spots

Reading students relaxing with a book at a cafe

If you prefer a comfortable spot to sit in that also offers shelter from anything the outside world can throw at you, look no further than these stunning sites!


Waterstones Reading 

As a town known for its literary heritage, it’s only fitting to start our journey with a haven for book enthusiasts. Waterstones Reading, situated on Broad Street, is a bookworm’s paradise. The vast selection of books spanning various genres and subjects will make any student’s heart race with excitement. Enjoy a hot cup of coffee at their in-store café while browsing the latest bestsellers or discovering a hidden literary gem. Besides offering a serene reading environment, Waterstones occasionally hosts author events and book signings.


BrewDog Reading 

Located in the heart of Reading, BrewDog offers a unique combination of speciality coffee and craft beer. This trendy hang-out spot has a welcoming ambience, perfect for group study sessions or unwinding after a challenging day of classes. The café houses a diverse range of coffee blends, ensuring you’ll find the perfect one to fuel your study sessions. In the evening, this entrancing establishment transforms into a lively pub with ample craft beers on tap, making it a great place to relax and socialise with fellow students.


Jelly Studios 

If you happen to be a creative soul looking for a space to express yourself, Jelly Studios welcomes you with open arms. This artistic hub offers workshops, art events, and exhibitions that foster a sense of community among local artists and students. Whether you’re into painting, photography, or crafting, Jelly Studios provides a supportive and inspiring environment to explore your artistic passions.


The Oracle Shopping Centre 

For students looking to add a dose of fun to their hang-out spots, The Oracle Shopping Centre is the place to be. This shopping complex caters to your retail therapy needs and offers a myriad of entertainment options. Challenge your friends to a game of bowling or catch the latest blockbuster at the Vue Cinema. The Oracle also hosts various events, including music performances, food festivals, and art exhibitions, ensuring there’s never a dull moment for students seeking a little extra adventure.


Smelly Alley Fish Market 

For all the foodies, a trip to Reading’s Smelly Alley Fish Market is a must. Nestled in the beating heart of Reading, this market is a culinary gem, offering a variety of fresh seafood and international delicacies. Scour the dynamic stalls, indulge in delicious street food, and savour the flavours from different corners of the world. The lively atmosphere and mouth watering dishes make this spot an ideal hang-out destination for food enthusiasts.


For Students Who Need To Escape Into Nature

Students having a picnic in nature

If you’re a student who finds the best way to unwind from lecture halls and dormitories is to escape into the wild, then Reading has a couple of idyllic locations to wash away the stench of city life and clear your mind right up.


Forbury Gardens 

Amidst the hustle and bustle of university life, sometimes all you need is a tranquil spot to clear your mind. Forbury Gardens is a beautiful public park offering a peaceful retreat for students. The well-maintained gardens, historic ruins, and scenic walking paths provide an excellent backdrop for a relaxing afternoon. Bring a book, have a picnic with friends, or take a leisurely stroll to recharge your mind and body’s batteries.


Beale Wildlife Park  

Beale Wildlife Park was founded in 1956 by Gilbert Beale, who created the Child Beale Trust, a charitable organisation dedicated to the care and conservation of rare and endangered mammals and birds. The Park has some amazing animals and birds, and there’s even a paddling pool and narrow gauge train! Free parking on site is a bonus, making this activity extra affordable.


Bars and Pubs for Students

Students drinking and dancing in a Reading Club

Coffee and nature are all well and good, but sometimes we need to boogie our bothers away after a long week. For the students ready to let loose and swap study guides for signature cocktails, here are the best nightlife vibes in Reading.


Walkabout is an Australian-style bar that does sometimes turn into the wild Outback. It offers live sports, a dancefloor, and an outdoor area for any drunken late-night chatters. They host karaoke nights every Wednesday where pints are just £2 from 10 PM. Spread across two floors, there’s plenty of seating to enjoy the footie, boxing, or F1. 


Lola Lo 

This Polynesian-inspired venue is a favourite among Reading students. “Skint Thursdays” are your dream come true for those nights you’re low on cash; it goes down every Thursday for only £2. There’s rock music in one space and alternative, electronic, and RnB in the other. Check out Waiola Fridays for their half-price cocktails (until midnight) and house, techno, and RnB bangers. Make sure you enjoy the outdoor terrace and bar!


From relaxing bookstores and serene parks to lively pubs and entertainment hubs, Reading strikes the perfect balance between academics and leisure. Take a break from the textbooks, gather your friends, and go have fun, you crazy kids!


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