Are you ready to embark on a quick and easy road trip through the stunning landscapes of the UK? Look no further; we’ve crafted a fun getaway guide that takes you through two charming towns, Reading and Leatherhead over the course of three days. 

From jaw-dropping landmarks to charming countryside, this UK road trip itinerary promises an adventure filled with culture, nature, and gastronomy. So fasten your seatbelts and let’s hit the road.


3-Day Itinerary: Road Trip Around Reading & Letterhead

Two people excited to go on a UK road trip

Day 1: Start Your Engines in Reading 

Morning: Explore Reading’s Rich History  

Begin your road trip adventure in Reading, a town steeped in history. Start your day at the Reading Abbey Ruins, where you can walk through the remains of a mediaeval abbey founded by King Henry I of England. The adjacent Forbury Gardens offers a peaceful place to relax and reflect on the town’s history.

Address for Abbey Ruins (to start): Abbot’s Walk, Reading, United Kingdom

Phone number: +44 1189 373400 


Lunch: Riverside Dining 

Head to the Oracle Shopping Centre, which sits along the beautiful River Kennet, for various dining options. Whether you’re craving international cuisine or classic British fare, you’ll find a restaurant to satisfy your taste buds.

Top-Rated Restaurants in the Oracle Shopping Centre: 
  • The Real Greek (+44 1189 952270): A slick, modern restaurant with a menu of updated classic dishes, ouzo, and Greek wines.
  • Las Iguanas (+44 1189 071980): Your soon-to-be-favourite flame-grilled Latin American dishes and shared plates served in a contemporary chain dining room.
  • Browns (+44 1189 503137): An all-day British brasserie and bar establishment with lobster night deals.

Afternoon: Literary Exploration 

No trip to Reading is complete without enjoying its literary heritage. Visit the Museum of English Rural Life (MERL) to learn about agricultural history and the town’s connection to famous author Jane Austen. Carve out some time to explore the Reading Museum for a deep dive into the fascinating history of the town.

Evening: Riverside Stroll 

Take an evening stroll along the River Kennet, admiring the gorgeous boats and picturesque views. For a romantic dinner, try one of the riverside restaurants like The Narrowboat, which functions as both an inn and one of the finest restaurants on the river’s banks.

Address: Blakes Lock, Gas Works Rd, Reading 

Telephone number: +44 1189 515790


Day 2: Lead the Way to Leatherhead 

Leatherhead in the UK

Morning: Hit the Road 

After a delightful breakfast in Reading, pack your bags and set off for Leatherhead, your next destination! The scenic drive offers breathtaking views of the English countryside.

Possible Landmark Stops Along the Way: 


  • High Curley Hill Summit (29 High View Rd, Lightwater): Enjoy a casual 4.2km loop trail near Bagshot, Surrey. Generally considered an easy enough route, it takes around an hour to complete. This trail is wonderful for hiking, running, and walking — ideal for stretching the legs!


  • Painshill Park, Gothic Tower (Painshill Park, Cobham): Built at the Park’s highest point, this 27-metre tall tower has a narrow 99-step circular staircase. Climb to the top, and you’ll be rewarded with a view that includes four different counties! You can also see Canary Wharf and Windsor Castle on a clear day. It appears like a fairy-tale castle and is the perfect stop to take pictures and explore.

Lunch: Leatherhead’s Local Flavours 

Arriving in Leatherhead, head to Penny Black for a traditional British pub lunch. Enjoy some classic dishes like fish and chips or a hearty steak pie.

Penny Black: 5 North St, Leatherhead (+44 1372 386719)

Afternoon: Explore Leatherhead 

Leatherhead is a quaint market town with a lot to offer. Take a leisurely walk around the charming streets, admiring the Tudor-style architecture.

Places To Check Out in Leatherhead: 
  1. Painshill Park (+44 1932 868113): This is a beautiful 18th-century landscape garden created by the Honourable Charles Hamilton. It features stunning lakes, bridges, caves, and follies, making it the ideal place for a light walk or a picnic plan. Find the entrance on Portsmouth Road.
  2. Local History Society (+44 1372 386348): Learn about the history of Leatherhead and its surrounding area at this small but informative museum on 64 Church Street.
  3. Bocketts Farm Park (+44 1372 363764): If you’re travelling with children, Bocketts Farm Park is a fantastic family attraction. It offers a range of activities, including farm animals, tractor rides, and indoor and outdoor play areas. It’s only a short drive to Young Street in Fetcham from the town centre of Leatherhead.

Evening: Indulge in Fine Dining 

For an exquisite dining experience, make a reservation at L’ultimo, an Italian restaurant and bar located on the High Street of Leatherhead, providing genuine Italian cuisine with the freshest ingredients. It’s the perfect way to end your day in Leatherhead!

Address: 24 High Street, Leatherhead 

Telephone: +44 1372 373266

Day 3: Return to Reading 

A couple driving their car through the town of Reading in the UK

Morning: Scenic Drive Back 

Enjoy a leisurely breakfast in Leatherhead before embarking on your return journey to Reading. Take your time on this scenic drive, stopping at viewpoints and photo-worthy spots along the way; maybe one of the points you missed on your way to Leatherhead?

Lunch: Return to Reading 

Once you’re back in Reading, savour a farewell lunch at the previously suggested  restaurant by the Kent River, perhaps trying a dish you missed the first day.

We hope you will enjoy exploring and experiencing the best of what this corner of the UK has in store. But before you go, make sure you pay attention to our pre-road trip checklist. 


Pre-Road Trip Checklist

Pre-road trip checklist for UK adventure

Planning a road trip around the UK can be an exciting adventure, but being well-prepared is vital to guarantee a smooth and enjoyable journey. Here’s a pre-road trip checklist to help you get ready:

1. Vehicle Inspection 

  • Service and Maintenance: Schedule a pre-trip maintenance check to make sure your vehicle is in good condition. This should include an oil change, brake inspection, tire rotation, and any necessary repairs.
  • Fluids and Filters: Check and top up all essential fluids like oil, coolant, brake fluid, and windshield washer fluid. Replace air and cabin filters if needed.
  • Tires: Inspect the tires for proper inflation and tread depth. Make sure you have a spare tire, jack, and tools for changing a flat.
  • Battery: Check the battery’s condition and terminals for corrosion. Carry jumper cables or a portable jump starter.
  • Lights: Confirm that all lights (i.e. headlights, taillights, turn signals, brake lights, and hazard lights) work correctly.

2. Documentation 

  • Driver’s Licence: Ensure your driver’s licence is valid and up-to-date.
  • Vehicle Documents: Carry your vehicle’s registration, proof of insurance, and the owner’s manual.
  • Roadside Assistance Information: Keep contact information for your roadside assistance provider handy.

3. Safety and Emergency Equipment 

  • First Aid Kit: Pack a basic first aid kit with bandages, antiseptic wipes, pain relievers, and any necessary prescription medications.
  • Emergency Kit: Include items like a flashlight, extra batteries, a multi-tool, duct tape, a fire extinguisher, and a reflective vest.
  • Emergency Blankets: Carry emergency blankets or sleeping bags in case you need to stay warm in frigid conditions.
  • Tool Kit: A basic tool kit can be handy for minor repairs.

4. Personal Comfort 

  • Clothing: Pack appropriate clothing for the weather conditions you’ll come across. Be prepared for unexpected weather changes.
  • Travel Pillows and Blankets: Make your journey more comfortable with travel pillows and blankets.
  • Snacks and Water: Stock up on non-perishable snacks and bottled water for the road.
  • Entertainment: Bring books, music, or audiobooks for entertainment during long drives.

5. Pack Your Safety Precautions 

  • Safety Reflectors or Flares: These are critical in a roadside emergency.
  • High-Visibility Vest: Wear a high-visibility vest when working on your vehicle on the roadside.
  • Car Phone Charger: Make sure your phone remains charged for communication and navigation.

6. Finances 

  • Cash and Cards: Carry a mix of cash and credit/debit cards for expenses, tolls, and emergencies.
  • Travel Insurance: Think about getting proper travel insurance for that added peace of mind.


7. Roadside Assistance and Breakdown Coverage 

Roadside Assistance Membership: Ensure your roadside assistance membership is current, or purchase a temporary plan for your trip.

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