Your confidential documents require the best care. Whether storing tax records or legal files, Pink Hippo’s secure document and archive storage solutions give customers complete peace of mind when storing valuable paperwork. Our clean, dry and modern storage facilities in Reading and Leatherhead have a variety of unit sizes to choose from with advanced security.   


Although most of our paperwork is pushed around electronically today, the need for hard copies is not only essential for a business’s records but in some cases a legal requirement. That said, holding onto confidential documents and important files can create unnecessary clutter in your home or office, affecting your productivity and overall well being. 

Storing these stacks of documents in a secure storage unit is a smart solution for the following reasons: 

  • Highly secure facility with 24 hour CCTV monitoring and alarms 
  • The option to upsize or downsize your space with over 18 different unit sizes to choose from
  • Easily accessible units with secure FOB access 
  • A variety of clean, dry and bright storage spaces 
  • Flexible storage with no long-term commitments  
  • 24 hour access available 
  • Purchase quality packaging supplies like 3 ply cardboard boxes and sundries on site
Man storing documents & archives in his Pink Hippo business storage unit

While Pink Hippo offers businesses endless storage options for their documents, it’s important to keep files updated and in order so that they can be easily accessed when the time arrives. To ensure your unit is filled with the most up-to-date documents, here are a few common records our customers’ store and the suggested time to keep them for.


  • Purchase receipts – 5 Years
  • Safety records – 6 Years
  • Accounts payable ledgers – 7 Years
  • Accounts receivable ledgers – 7 Years
  • Bank statements – 7 Years
  • Contracts & leases – Permanently
  • Training manuals – Permanently
  • Deeds & mortgages – Permanently


Pink Hippo’s dry, clean and modern storage facilities in Reading and Leatherhead offer the best protection for confidential documents and important files, however, to ensure your archives are in the same condition as you left them, it’s important to store and package them with extra care.

Here are a few tips from the Pink Hippo team:

Use sturdy boxes

When placing your documents in storage it’s important to use quality boxes designed for documents. At Pink Hippo, we have a convenient packaging store on site with tape, packing paper, and archive and document storage boxes to protect your files during long-term storage.

Catalogue the contents

By making a comprehensive catalogue of the contents of each box, you’ll be able to find important documents with ease and keep track of your archives and the date of the documents. 

Organise your unit 

When packing your unit, it’s vital that you stack relevant documents together to save time and energy searching. Label each box accordingly and remember to leave enough room to search through boxes. 


Pink Hippo prides itself on being a secure document and archive storage solution. Our purpose-built facilities in Reading and Leatherhead are equipped with advanced security measures to ensure your files have round-the-clock protection.

  • Wide variety of unit sizes, ranging from 10 sq ft to 215 sq ft
  • Clean, secure and purpose-built self storage facilities in Reading and Leatherhead
  • Fully staffed reception areas to accept deliveries on your behalf (during work hours)  
  • 24/7 access is available
  • Alarmed facility with 24 hour CCTV monitoring
  • Convenient and quality packaging store 
  • Discounted rates and prices available
  • Flexible contracts
  • Ample onsite parking and trolleys for easy unloading
  • Insurance on your belongings
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