Your confidential documents require the best care. Whether storing tax records or legal files, Pink Hippo’s secure document and archive storage solutions give customers complete peace of mind when storing valuable paperwork. Our clean, dry and modern storage facilities in Reading and Leatherhead have a variety of unit sizes to choose from with advanced security.   

The Importance of Storing & Archiving Documents

Although most of our paperwork is pushed around electronically today, the need for hard copies is not only essential for a business’s records but in some cases a legal requirement. That said, holding onto confidential documents and important files can create unnecessary clutter in your home or office, affecting your productivity and overall well being.

Storing these stacks of documents in a secure storage unit is a smart solution for the following reasons: 

  • Highly secure facility with 24 hour CCTV monitoring and alarms
  • The option to upsize or downsize your space with over 18 different unit sizes to choose from
  • Easily accessible units with secure FOB access
  • A variety of clean, dry and bright storage spaces
  • Flexible storage with no long-term commitments
  • 24 hour access available
  • Purchase quality packaging supplies like 3 ply cardboard boxes and sundries on site

Visit Pink Hippo for the most secure archive storage Reading and Leatherhead have to offer or see our other business storage options

Advantages of Using Offsite Document Storage

Managing your company’s physical documents presents a host of challenges. From allocating valuable storage space to the risk of losing important paperwork – creating an efficient filing system can quickly become complicated. Offsite document storage offers businesses peace of mind by helping mitigate these issues.

Here are five advantages:

  • Creates more space in the office.
  • Documents remain safe and private.
  • Improves business continuity.
  • More cost-effective than renting warehouse space.
  • Can improve time efficiency.

Pink Hippo has secure document storage in Reading & Leatherhead, from top-notch security and CCTV systems to our flexible leases and quality packaging. So, if you’re looking for archive storage in Reading, you’ll have everything you need to keep your documents in tip-top shape with us!

Best Way To Store & Organise Documents

Proper document storage, filing and archiving documents can help protect your confidential files and records.

Here are some tips to ensure that your document storage system is effective and efficient:

  • Use high-quality document storage boxes – designed specifically for documents.

Pro Tip: Pink Hippo offers a convenient packaging store with sturdy boxes to help protect your files during long-term storage.

  • Catalogue the contents of each box – to easily find documents. By creating a comprehensive list of what’s in each box, you can keep track of the dates of each document.
  • Organise your unit by stacking relevant documents together and labelling each box, saving you time and energy when searching for specific documents.
  • Consider a document storage system that includes shelving units or cabinets; to further organise your paper documents.

By following these tips – you can protect your files and keep your office or home organised. Trust Pink Hippo’s modern document storage facilities in Reading and Leatherhead to keep your documents safe.

How Long Should Business Documents Be Kept?

It’s important to know how long you should keep your paperwork and business documents to comply with UK law. Here are some examples of common business documents and their recommended retention periods:

Accounting records: six years from the end of the last company financial year.
Personnel records: six years from the date of termination of employment.
VAT records: six years from the end of the accounting period.
Contracts and agreements: six years from the end of the contract or agreement.
Insurance policies: 10 years from the date the policy was cancelled or expired. 

By keeping your business documents for the appropriate amount of time, you can avoid legal issues and ensure you have the necessary records on hand when needed.

How Much Does Document Storage Cost?

The cost of renting a storage unit for documents can vary depending on several factors, including size, length of stay and location.

Here are some general considerations that can affect document storage cost:

Unit size: larger units cost more than smaller ones.
Length of stay: the longer you rent, the lower the cost.
Additional services: some storage facilities may charge extra for services such as security or insurance.