Does your office need a storage solution? Whether you run a small startup or an established enterprise, office storage is a viable storage solution as your business grows, during an office renovation or office relocation. Pink Hippo self storage facilities in Reading and Leatherhead provide affordable space for office furniture, stock, decluttering, and more.

Self Storage For Offices, Office Moves Or Renovations

As your business grows, you may need to plan an office renovation to make more space or relocate to accommodate for growth. In both instances, self storage provides an ideal storage solution during the transition in the following ways:

  • Affordable equipment storage solution
  • Safe and secure space for furniture storage
  • Remove the risk of damage during renovation
  • Short term storage with a flexible lease agreement
  • Conveniently located

Our self storage facilities are affordable and conveniently located, serving as the perfect solution for local businesses who need more space during a transition period.

Office renovation can increase productivity, attract new clients and make room for growth, but it can also put your equipment at risk of damage. Pink Hippo provides short term storage to keep furniture, equipment and other business belongings safe while renovations are underway.

With a range of different size storage units, we offer a secure space to keep business belongings during office relocation. As you move from one office space to another, our affordable self storage solution will keep your office furniture, equipment and documents safe until you’ve settled in your new location.

Decluttering Your Office With Self Storage

It’s no secret that a cluttered office space can reduce productivity, cause distractions and create a negative working environment. Dedicating time to decluttering the office space has the potential to change the working environment for the better, and self storage provides a convenient space to store extra belongings.

Some of the many benefits of decluttering your office space include:

  • Boosted creativity
  • Enhanced productivity
  • Improved focus and motivation
  • Reduced stress
  • Healthier work environment

So, where do you begin? Start by clearing the desk space and getting rid of unnecessary files and equipment. Next, move on to the general office space and decide which items are used regularly and which are taking up valuable space.

Extra furniture, filing cabinets and documents can be stored in a safe and secure self storage unit instead of taking up space in the office. With 24-hour access to your storage unit (available on request), you can retrieve your belongings whenever needed.

With a variety of different size units to choose from, you can choose a large or small unit to use for furniture storage or document archiving, creating a more productive work environment in the office.

Pink Hippo's Office Storage Solutions

Pink Hippo offers an affordable and convenient storage solution for businesses that are relocating, renovating, decluttering and growing. Our purpose-built units are clean and secure and available in a range of unit sizes.

From 10 sq. ft to 215 sq. ft, businesses can choose the unit that best suits their needs. Small units are ideal for archive storage while decluttering, and larger units can be used for furniture storage during renovations.

As a bonus, we offer the following benefits at Pink Hippo:

  • Flexible lease agreements
  • 24-hour access to all business units (available on request)
  • Packaging materials for sale on site

If you’re looking for a place to store office furniture and extra business belongings, then Pink Hippo has you sorted!

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