Secure Storage for Tools

Secure self storage units are ideal spaces to store expensive power tools and equipment. Rather than storing pricey tools in a van or shed, Pink Hippo provide a dry, alarmed and CCTV monitored location for them. Protect the tools of your trade with a secure storage unit.

Nationally the theft of tools is on the rise, with Reading noted as one area particularly affected. No matter what trade you operate in, you are likely to have an array of expensive equipment that might not necessarily be used on a day to day basis so why not rent a self storage unit to give you that peace of mind that your prized possessions are safely locked up, but still accessible when you require them.

Implications of Tool Theft

Tools used by professional tradesman can be hugely expensive and without them, it can mean it is then not possible to make a living for a short period until they are replaced.

Other impacts of tool theft from a shed or van include;

  • Covering the cost of the excess of your insurance
  • A rise in the cost of your insurance policy if you do claim for the theft
  • Loss of business if you are unable to work without your equipment
  • Stress of dealing with the fallout from the theft
Secure Office Storage Unit for Tools & Equipment

A great way to offset this risk is to make use of local self storage facility such as Pink Hippo. With our extended hours, tradesmen can come and drop off power tools and collect them whenever they please. Aside from this, if you have expensive equipment used for specific jobs that are normally left in the van or shed, a storage unit for tools such as these is a great option.


Self Storage Units To Free Up Space

Aside from security, tools and equipment can take up a lot of space. If you’d rather free up areas in your home for your own items and not work equipment, then a storage unit is cost effective alternative. Many tools used in the building trade or by gardeners, decorators, window cleaners and various other lines of work take up a huge amount of storage space, which isn’t ideal especially if they aren’t constantly in use.

Our team will be able to sort out a storage unit that fits your tools and equipment perfectly and you can also make the most of trolleys onsite to get your equipment to and from your vehicle should you require it. Free up space in your home or flat and remove the risk of leaving tools in your van overnight by renting a storage unit.

Cost Effective Tool Storage

Planning to find a secure home for your tools long term? We can offer discounted rates on long-term rentals so if you plan to keep tools in one of our storage units for the foreseeable future let us know so we can arrange a deal tailored to you.

Benefits of Using Pink Hippo for Tool Storage

  • Both of our locations in Reading and Leatherhead are easy to access via road and other transport methods and suitably located for local businesses
  • 24/7 access is available
  • Closely monitored, clean, secure and purpose built self storage facilities
  • Trollies available on site to move heavy or bulky items
  • Discounted rates and prices available
  • Flexible contracts
  • Small, Medium and Large storage units to choose from