Personal Storage Units

Being short on space is a real headache, especially when the items you want to store aren’t daily essentials.

Pink Hippo have two secure self-storage facilities, one located in Reading and the other in Leatherhead, where there are ample personal storage units for all kind of belongings including household items, furniture, motorbikes, Christmas decorations and even wine!

Moving House Storage

We have a variety of personal storage options for those moving home, making sure personal belongings have somewhere secure to stay even if there is a delay.

Furniture Storage Units

From time to time, furniture needs to be safely stored away. Indoor or outdoor furniture will be safe and dry in our personal storage units.

Life Event Storage

Major milestone and life changing events happen to everyone. We offer flexible personal storage services for any circumstance.

Motorbike Storage

Putting a motorbike in a purpose built personal storage unit will ensure that the bike is safe and secure during those periods when it is off the road.

Household & Declutter Storage

We all accumulate personal belongings over the years, but it is possible to find a safe space to store it all.

Camping & Sports Equipment

It is not always practical to store larger camping equipment and sports related items at home. We provide suitable personal storage spaces, which don’t break the bank.

Christmas Storage

Christmas decorations are only used once a year, so why not free up space at home by keeping them stored in a secure personal storage unit?

Wine Storage

Wedding coming up? Racking up a collection of fine wines? Personal storage units are a corker of an idea for those short on space.

Enquire About Self Storage

With easy to access facilities in Leatherhead and Reading, Pink Hippo offer personal storage units for a huge variety of reasons.

Cheap Personal Storage Units

Our competitive pricing for personal storage make us a popular choice for customers in Berkshire and Surrey, who are moving house and need storage space, are renovating and want somewhere secure to put their belongings as well as those customers undergoing milestones in life such as the arrival of a new baby, a divorce, downsizing or travelling. No matter the reason for the personal storage requirement, Pink Hippo are here to help!

At Pink Hippo, you will find low-cost self-storage that is both safe and completely secure. With flexible storage solutions when it comes to space and how long you need to store your items for, we have competitive rates and the flexibility to provide you with the perfect storage solution.

Pink Hippo Personal Storage

With handy locations in Reading and Leatherhead, Pink Hippo personal storage customers are able to utilise our purpose built and secure storage units. Consider us as an extra loft, spare room or garage for all those items in life that are simply too large to keep at home.

Free up space at your house without throwing anything away and keep those prized possessions secure in a Pink Hippo personal storage space. Well lit, clean and accessible around the clock, we help customers store items such as:

  • Indoor & Outdoor Furniture
  • Camping & Sports Equipment
  • Wine
  • Motorbikes
  • Christmas Decorations
  • Collectable, Hobby or Interest Related Items
  • Photo Albums

Personal Storage, Personalised for You

We have a number of personal storage units ranging in size from 10sq.ft up to 215 sq. ft so please do contact us to discuss any storage requirements.

We support customers who are moving house and need a short term space to store items for viewings, right through to their moving date. Equally, we help customers free up room at home throughout the seasons, whether that is putting the ski equipment away for the summer, or the garden furniture away in the winter to make sure it lasts for years to come.

Choose a personal storage unit based on how much space you require and if things change, our short two week notice period means you can remain flexible.