Camping & Sports Equipment Storage

Sports equipment and camping equipment is big and bulky, making it difficult to safely store away. Just because you don’t have masses of space doesn’t however mean you should miss out. Skis for snow or water, kayaks, canoes, cricket gear, golf clubs, tents and more, it is all suitable to sit in a secure self-storage unit at our facilities in Leatherhead and Reading.

Ski Equipment

There is no better feeling of freedom than hitting the slopes and enjoying the fresh snow. When you are at home though, skis don’t come in handy and take up tonnes of space. Snowboards and skis are better off left in a secure storage unit, where they will avoid any damage that can occur when stuffed in small space at home. Even if you are not sure how much space you need, the teams at Pink Hippo in Reading and Leatherhead are on hand to advise and help you declutter the house. 

Water Sports Equipment Storage

Many of us love being out on the water, whether that is surfing, water skiing, canoeing, kayaking, paddle boarding, wind surfing or more. Self-storage will ensure that this expensive equipment is dry and secure, stored ready to use whenever you please. Rather than risk damage in a cramped garage or shed, our purpose built storage units are a cost effective alternative.

Camping Storage Solutions

Everyone who enjoys camping knows the importance of storing camping supplies correctly, and what better way to store tents, sleeping bags and other camping equipment than in a clean, dry, secure and safe storage unit in Reading or Leatherhead.

Rather than taking up large areas of space around the house, in the loft or in the garage, an affordable storage unit will make sure camping equipment is stored in a temperature-controlled environment, ready to use when the warmer spring and summer months arrive.

Safer Storage for Sports and Camping Gear

Storing expensive sports and camping equipment in a garage or shed with little to no security is risky and puts pricey possessions at risk, as well as leaving them open to adverse temperatures, damp and even damage from rodents. Pink Hippo self storage units are purpose built and monitored by CCTV 365 days of the year. Sports and camping equipment however will be accessible whenever you require it as you will be provided with a key to access the self storage unit. Enjoy that peace of mind knowing your valuable sports and camping items are safe and secure, much like our customers who choose to store their motorbikes with us.