Clutter weighing you down? Whether sentimental or seasonal, we’re all guilty of holding onto items we no longer need. Pink Hippo’s modern and secure storage facilities in Reading and Leatherhead are the perfect household or office storage solution, helping you clear out unnecessary clutter and safely store all your excess goods with ease!

How Self Storage Can Help You Declutter

Decluttering can be a daunting task, requiring you to sort through stacks of clothing, sports equipment, seasonal decorations and more. To save time and your sanity, take these simple tips into consideration.

  • Use the 1-year rule
    It can be hard to let go of certain things, but if too many of these mementoes pile up, your home can become cluttered and chaotic. The 1-year rule is an easy way to let go of items you no longer need. Ask yourself if you’ve used it in the last year and if the answer is “No”, then it might be best to donate the item or give it to someone who will have a use for it.
  • Start with the biggest room
    If you have a big house, decluttering can get a bit out of hand and make your home look messier than when you started. To create some organisation, start with the biggest room that receives the most foot traffic and work your way through your house, tackling one room at a time.
  • Be smart with your storage
    Storing your items is a very important part of the decluttering process. You need to decide where everything will be placed, and if there is a shortage of space, you’ll need to think of a plan B. Whether buying multi-purpose furniture or renting a self storage unit, it’s important to store your excess goods in a safe place that is out of the way.

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The Benefits Of Decluttering Your Space

A quick decluttering can have dozens of benefits, not only on your physical space but your mind as well. Simply sorting through your cupboard or garage will free up a huge amount of space and create a more productive, spacious and healthier environment in your home or office. Incorporating this into your routine can have a positive impact in the following ways:

  • Reduces stress and anxiety
    More stuff means more stress. Stacks of paperwork in the office or junk lying around the house can have an incredibly negative impact on your mental health, making you feel anxious and stressed. Decluttering your space will clear your mind and make your life feel more organised.
  • Easier to clean and organise
    With hoards of items piling up in every corner of your home or office, it can be impossible to keep any room clean and organised. A swift decluttering session will clear the space and allow you to dust, sweep and mop without any clutter getting in the way.
  • Boosts productivity and creativity
    Whether you work from home or manage an office space, having a clean and clutter-free space is key to being productive and working efficiently. A neat and organised space will save time, reduce errors and keep energy levels high. Decluttering your office could also free up tons of extra space, allowing you to downsize and cut your monthly expenses.


Sorting Your Clutter

Is clutter weighing you down? Whether sentimental or seasonal, everyone is guilty of holding onto items we no longer need.

Here are a few tips that will help you sort and declutter:

• Evaluate one room at a time
• Donate clothes you no longer wear
• Use the 12-12-12 method: choose 12 items to put in storage, 12 to donate and 12 to keep
• Make sure everything you keep has a place to go
• Donate old appliances that you’ve replaced over the years
How can Pink Hippo self storage help you declutter?

A storage unit may help improve your enjoyment of your home and overall quality of life. Whether you are tired of tripping over old toys or need somewhere more practical to store seasonal decorations, Pink Hippo has options for you!

Tips To Inspire You To Declutter

Do you need the motivation to get on top of the clutter in your home once and for all?

Here are a few benefits decluttering can bring to your life:

• You’ll have more energy: organising daily clutter can drain you
• You’ll be more productive: this is especially important if you work from home
• You’ll feel more organised: you and your family can find things more easily
• You’ll have more time: to do fun stuff and DIY around your house
• You’ll be able to clean faster: dust won’t have much to sit on

Whether you’re looking at decluttering your entire home or just the kids’ bedrooms, Pink Hippo has room for you! Declutter and store with us today!

Declutter With Pink Hippo Self Storage

Pink Hippo prides itself on being a secure and affordable storage solution in Reading and Leatherhead. While we are dedicated to making decluttering easy and stress free, we also go the extra mile to help our customers with whatever they need, whether that’s packaging supplies or advice on which size unit will best suit their needs. 

People choose Pink Hippo for our: 

  • Free 24 hour access, 7 days a week
  • Ample onsite parking for easy unloading
  • Free trolleys
  • Flexible lease agreements with the option to upsize or downsize units
  • High-quality customer service
  • Alarmed facility with 24-hour CCTV monitoring
  • Convenient and quality packaging store