Household Storage and Decluttering

Does your home feel cluttered? Have you found yourself short on storage space? Pink Hippo Self Storage is the perfect solution for customers in Surrey and Berkshire. Our household storage units provide additional space for customers located in Leatherhead and Reading, perfect for helping to declutter your house and free up valuable living space.

The Decluttering Difficulty

  • Clothing – when it gets to the summer, those heavy winter coats and jumpers fill up the wardrobe making it difficult to find the items you want to wear. A storage unit is the perfect place to keep clothes that are out of season, ready to bring back home when winter comes back around again.
  • Sports Equipment and Camping Gearskis, golf clubs, tents and camping chairs, kayaks and oars – all of these items take up masses of space. Pop them into a dry and clean storage unit, and come and pick them up at the right time of year when they are likely to get plenty of use.
  • Spare Room Clutter – the poor spare room often becomes a dumping ground, as do lofts and garages. Get organised and decide what you want to keep and leave it in a locked up and secure storage space.
  • Books – avid readers and academics like to keep hold of books and get very attached to them, but filling the house up isn’t always possible. Storage units are the perfect dry and clean place to put those prized collections.
  • Christmas Decorations – homes throughout Berkshire and Surrey look amazing during December with trees, decorations and lights up, but for one month a year they do tend to take up a lot of precious space. Out of sight, out of mind – why not put Christmas decorations into storage until the festive months?
  • Furniture – much of the UK was in lock down in 2020 & early 2021 and turned spare rooms into home offices and so we have seen an up lift in customers looking for furniture storage and for a place to put their clutter. We have ample room for those looking to lock away their furniture.

Indoor Storage for Outdoor Household Items

Gardens are often full of items that are great in the summer but need to be kept safe and stored away during the winter months. Parasols, garden chairs, patio furniture, patio heaters, cushions, toys and more are all welcome to come and take shelter until the sun comes back.

We won’t judge you on your clutter, you can rent a storage unit and store your belongings to make space at home. Sorting through household clutter often helps find useful forgotten items, and also helps you decide what it worth keeping and what can be thrown away. Get a bespoke quote about a storage unit for your clutter today.