Furniture Storage Units

There are a number of reasons why customers choose to store furniture with Pink Hippo at our self-storage facilities in Reading and Leatherhead.

Customers who have decided to rent out their property often choose to move their prized possessions and furniture into a storage unit to keep it safe and free from damage for when the time comes for them to move back in. This also means the people renting the property have room to bring in their own furniture and home comforts.

Keeping Hold of Quality Furniture

Sometimes pieces of furniture are handed down and have sentimental value, but just don’t suit your current home, or you simply don’t have the space, which is when having access to a dry, secure and insured furniture storage unit comes in really handy.

Other reasons customers are looking into storage for furniture include lack of space when downsizing, or to keep sofas, tables, chairs, cabinets or sideboards protected from damage during a property renovation or during a house move.

Whatever the reason, Pink Hippo furniture storage is a flexible, accessible and affordable option for those who live near to our locations in Reading and Leatherhead.

How Much Does Furniture Storage Cost?

Pricing for furniture storage is straightforward; it is based on the amount of space being used and for how long. At Pink Hippo, we accommodate short term and long-term furniture storage, and as our purpose built self-storage units are dry, clean and secure, items can be left safely for as long as required.

To get a quote for furniture storage, get in touch with our dedicated team and we will be happy to help.

How Do You Store Furniture in a Storage Unit?

Firstly, you need find a local furniture storage unit that ticks all the boxes. A purpose built facility who offer trollies to manoeuvre heavy wardrobes and sofas, and packing materials including mattress and sofa covers – as well as all the standard elements of a self-storage facility. These include flexible contracts, security, insurance and accessibility.


  1. Transport – larger pieces of furniture may require the use of a hired van rather than trying to use a car. It is more efficient to use a van and do less trips, and customers are able to park for free on site at Pink Hippo and use our trollies and easy to use fobs to get into the storage unit.
  2. Think Ahead – maxing out the space in a furniture storage unit will ensure you can get more items safely stored in the facility. Where possible, if items can be taken apart and flat packed this will make them easier to transport and help you efficiently use the self storage unit.
  3. Keep Furniture Off the Floor & Wrapped – keeping furniture off the floor helps to protect it, even if it is a cardboard box or sheet as does wrapping and covers to keep any dust off your possessions.