You can always rely on self storage facilities to provide extra space when you need it. Especially during various unexpected life events! Whether you need a short-term storage rental (temporary storage) while renovating or you’re looking for a more long-term storage solution, our self storage facility in Reading and Leatherhead will have you covered.

Renovating or Moving House

Moving house, renovating or relocating gives you a chance to start fresh and create your dream home. However, the process can also be stressful, and the last thing you should worry about is where you’ll store your household items during the transition.

Our small storage units and large storage units at Pink Hippo provide a secure space to:

• Keep household belongings no matter how long your move takes
• Hold valuable and sentimental items while you renovate your home
• Ensure furniture is safe during a move
• Safely store your items until you’re ready to donate (temporary storage options)

Whether you need short-term storage or long-term storage, Pink Hippo Reading and Leatherhead have flexible storage solutions, sure to provide you with the space you need.

Moving Abroad

Self storage is a great idea if you’re moving abroad as it ensures your possessions are safe and secure and don’t become an inconvenience at any time.

Whether you’re looking for short-term storage while you search for your forever home or long-term storage because you’re looking at purchasing new furniture abroad, we have room for you.

Here’s a few self storage tips that are important to remember:

• Get the right storage containers – plastic and sealable are always best!
• Be smart when packing and stacking – place heavier items/ boxes on the bottom
• Arrange insurance for extra peace of mind – most facilities have top-notch security!

From small storage units to large storage units, permanent storage options to temporary storage options, you’ve come to the right place! If you’re relocating, check out our special storage offers.

Downsizing Your Home

Whatever the reason for downsizing, whether it be moving home or wanting to simplify your life, self storage provides a safe and secure space to store your extra belongings.

Self storage units come in handy while decluttering during a move and offer a convenient solution to keep household belongings that no longer fit in your smaller space. From seasonal sports equipment to additional furniture, Pink Hippo offers a range of storage unit sizes to meet your needs and your budget.

The flexible lease agreement provides a long-term storage solution when temporarily downsizing, or a short-term storage solution while deciding what to do with your belongings. With the help of self storage, you can create a comfortable living space in your new, smaller home.

Arrival of A New Baby

Are you preparing to welcome a new baby into the home? The exciting milestone demands a shift in lifestyle, which is made a lot easier with the help of self storage. From decluttering the spare room to use as a nursery or clearing space for pushchairs and cots, storage units provide a safe and secure space for your household belongings.

As your priorities shift and your cupboard full of craft supplies is replaced by baby clothes, you’ll need a safe space to keep your belongings. Pink Hippo’s storage solution is flexible and affordable, allowing you to free up space in the home and prepare for your bundle of joy’s arrival.

Self Storage For Special Occassions

From surprise birthday parties and Halloween bashes to secret engagements and weddings, Pink Hippo self storage can be the space-solving solution you’d never thought you’d need.

Here are a few other reasons people rent our life event storage units:

• Expecting a baby? Start collecting and storing until the baby’s room is ready
• Moving? Sign up for short-term storage options until you have room for all your items
• Going through a divorce? Keep belongings here while you decide who they are going to
• Dealing with Bereavement? Store belongings with us for as long as you need

Whether you’re an event planner looking for event storage solutions or an individual planning a surprise birthday party looking for temporary storage options to hide the excitement – we have room for you!

Students Heading Home For The Summer Holidays

Student years are full of exciting adventures, moments of learning and discovering your path in life. One of the last things that you need to worry about is where to store your belongings during the holidays, especially with Pink Hippo’s affordable and convenient self storage units.

Student storage is an ideal solution for a student heading home for the holidays who needs a place to keep their stuff, or if you are changing accommodation. Our clean and secure storage units give you peace of mind knowing that your belongings are safe so that you can relax during your holiday. As a bonus, you don’t need to spend time and effort moving all of your belongings home (and back again). 

Top tip: Team up with a buddy and make our affordable units even more cost-effective!

A Shift In Family Dynamics

Life is made up of different seasons which can affect family dynamics. This often has a knock-on effect on the need for space. A life changing event, such as a new addition to the family, a marriage or kids moving out of home can change how much space you need in the home.

While you set up the spare room for a long-term guest or pack up your child’s room after they leave home, you may need a secure space to store extra belongings. Storage units provide a self storage solution for items that are no longer needed in the home but are too sentimental or valuable to give away.

If you need short-term storage while you downsize or long-term storage while your child studies at university, you can trust Pink Hippo to secure your belongings. 


There are subjects many of us (understandably) prefer not to think about. However, that doesn’t make them any less important to discuss. Most times, when someone close to you dies, you’re left with the deceased’s belongings.

Pink Hippo offers long-term storage and short-term storage options for you to choose from – because we know how difficult it is to make decisions early in the mourning period.

Here are other benefits of renting a self storage unit during this difficult time:

• Temporary storage can be effective in aiding the deceased’s house-selling process giving you room to store clutter and make the house more presentable
• You can safely store memories such as photo albums and family heirlooms
• If the deceased was renting and you don’t have time to go through everything, self storage can provide a space for you to take your time sorting