Life Event Storage Units

Whenever you need a secure and safe place to store your items, Pink Hippo are here to help. Everybody has moments in their life when a storage unit can come in handy, whether that be for a long period, or a short turnaround.

Newly Weds & Couples Moving in Together

When the time comes to tie the knot, or simply move in together, the chances are there is a lot of belongings, clutter and furniture to decide upon. Couples just starting out living together quite often have duplicate items that won’t all be required when the time comes to move in.
Beds, wardrobes, appliances and sofas might not be needed during the short term, but if you plan to start a family or to up size, then throwing away or selling these items might be a mistake. Items of quality are worth holding on to and it will be more cost effective to store these goods rather than sell them and have to fork out later down the line.

Going Separate Ways

Divorces or relationship breakdowns are highly stressful, but having a safe storage unit is a useful tool during what can be a painful process as decisions are made about belongings and new living arrangements.

Often properties have to be sold and if there is not somewhere safe and practical to store furniture, a storage unit is a great solution. It might take a while to find a new permanent home, it might be rented or it might be smaller, but keeping hold of these items will bring comfort in the months ahead and bring a sense of familiarity to a new place when you settle down at the right time. If you need to move out quickly and need a place to store your possessions, please get in touch and we will be happy to help.

Arrival of a New Baby

Ahead of the arrival of a new born, parents are always keen to get the nursery ready. If you are short on room and need to convert a spare room or office into the nursery, Pink Hippo is the perfect place to safely store these excess items. You can store them in safety in the knowledge that in the years to come any desk, bed or wardrobe can be brought back to the house once the cot, changing table and toys are finished with.

Equally, if you have an abundance of baby clothes, toys, pushchairs and more and nowhere to keep them for a potential second bundle of joy, our dry and clean storage units are the perfect place to park things for the time being and free up some valuable space around the house.

Tough Times & Bereavement

It can be a real struggle knowing what to do with the possessions of a loved one who has passed away. However one thing is certain, you should take your time and not rush into any rash decisions. It is likely to be impractical to keep hold of all the belongings of a loved one, but no doubt, there will be items worth keeping to treasure their memory for years to come.

When a property is sold quickly, it is worth keeping hold of sentimental items until the time comes when details emerge as to which beneficiaries are to inherit which parts of the estate. Giving families’ time to sort out, declutter and organise belongings lends itself to a storage unit, where there is plenty of space to go through the items and decide on what is to be kept and by who.

If you are short on storage at home, then why not use our safe and secure storage space and allow yourself the time to grieve and make rational decisions in good time.

We Are Here to Help In Any Life Event

Whatever the reason, during whatever period of your life, rest assured you can keep those personal possessions safe at an affordable rate, for as long or little timeframe as you need.


When moving to a smaller property, having the safety net of a secure storage unit is invaluable. We help customers throughout Reading and Berkshire as well as those who are local to our purpose built storage facility in Leatherhead. Avoid that feeling of regret and selling any items of value too quickly and keep items dry and in great condition with Pink Hippo.


Heading overseas? If you are leaving the UK for work, to travel or anything else, keep items safe in our affordable storage units. They will be ready and waiting for you on your return and may help you rent out your house while you are away, or even ensure that you have those essential belongings for whenever you head home after your adventures.