Motorbike Storage

Pink Hippo have storage units available in Leatherhead and Reading, which are perfect for motorbike enthusiasts to store their bikes during the periods of the year when they are off the road. We must emphasise that no oil or fuel is allowed to be in the motorbike, this must be emptied prior to storage in interests of safety.

Indoor & Secure Motorcycle Storage

Controlling the climate ensures your motorbike is safe from rusting. Our purpose built storage units make certain that the motorcycle will remain dry and safe from the elements, unlike under an outdoor cover or in a shed or garage. Humidity and temperature changes can have an adverse impact on a bike, but in a dry and stable indoor space the motorcycle will be protected and the paintwork will remain pristine.

Furthermore, an indoor motorcycle storage unit at Pink Hippo offers additional security. Our units are only accessible by the key holder and our sites are fully insured and closely monitored by CCTV. These security features prevent break ins, but still allow for around the clock access should you need to work on your bike or service it.

According to Bennets the UK Motorcycle Insurance Specialist, ‘vehicle theft as a whole in England and Wales (so cars, bikes, vans etc) accounted for 114,660 offences during 2018/2019.’ At Pink Hippo, we understand the importance of providing a protected place to keep your motorbike safe from theft.

Preparing a Motorcycle for Storage

As we have previously mentioned, it is imperative that any motorbike fuel or oil is drained off before the bike can go into storage, for a number of reasons including insurance. It is best to clean the motorcycle before it goes into any storage unit and that it is completely dry, so that it can remain safe for months on end until you wish to go for a ride.

It is advisable to sit the motorbike on a surface to keep the tyres off a solid floor to avoid them taking the weight and to minimise flat spots. An old carpet or even cardboard boxes will be perfect and we have storage boxes available should you require them to lay flat.

It is also recommended to rotate the wheels every few weeks while the bike is in storage. This is simple, as you can visit our units at any time that suits you to access your motorbike while it is in storage.

Another final consideration is the battery. With plenty of room in our units, why not detach the battery and then reattach when it is time to hit the road again. A maintenance charger is simple to use and will keep the battery charged throughout the winter without causing any damage.

Speak to our team about what size unit you require and how long for, and we will price up the perfect space for you to use. Why not keep all your accessories or tools in storage too, to make sure you free up space at home, and keep any expensive equipment safe from theft. In addition if you are planning on moving house and need somewhere safe to keep your bike, our short term storage unit rentals are perfect.