Moving House Storage

For those on the move, having access to a self-storage facility has plenty of advantages.

Putting away unnecessary items into storage will help improve the appearance of a property up for sale and make it look more spacious, and when it comes to moving day, it will save time and money in moving fees.

House moves are rarely a smooth process, and there is every chance that temporary storage will be required. Our secure, clean and tidy household storage units are just the ticket for those on the move who need a cost effective temporary fix.

Where Do You Store Your Stuff When You Move?

This is a question faced by many families or individuals when they move house. Finding somewhere competitively priced, secure and dry is important, especially if it is personal belongings, electronics or furniture.

Not only this, if you still need access to items in storage, then the location needs to be local and allow for access around the clock. Pink Hippo’s household storage facilities are in Reading and Leatherhead, helping us to serve customers moving house in and around Berkshire and Surrey. With 24/7 access available, customers can pop in and collect or drop off items at their unit whenever they please.

House Move Storage Solutions

Pink Hippo’s household storage facilities ensure many common problems when moving house are resolved without stress or massive costs.

  1. Flexibility
    Buying and selling houses is notoriously tricky because things change all the time. Buyers pull the plug, new builds or building work is delayed, and paperwork halts. We appreciate this and our house moving storage options are flexible to work around those key dates that important to our customers. Shift your start date to suit your schedule, extend your stay in our storage units, no matter what you need to do; you can rely on us to support you.
  2. Create Space at Your Place
    This applies to both old homes, and for new ones about to be moved into.
    Creating the look and feel of additional space by putting large pieces of furniture into storage might help seal a sale, allowing buyers to envisage their own belongings in a property.
    Likewise, with a new place lined up, there might be some decorating to do, carpets to fit, deep cleaning to conduct. Leave your favourite items out of harm’s way in a purpose built storage unit and free up space to complete the jobs required properly and without worry.
  3. Take Your Time
    Packing up and moving doesn’t have to be a rushed and stressful process. Tackling a house move room by room frees up time to sort through stuff ahead of a move and allows you to put packed boxes into a storage unit in order bit by bit, ready to move into a house or flat.
    Working in this way also helps when unpacking, knowing where everything is and giving yourself time to find the perfect place for it.

Household Storage Costs

Getting a quote for household storage is simple enough from Pink Hippo using our quotation tool. Get details on the storage costs for a flat, 3-bedroom house, 4-bedroom house or any size property.

Moving House Storage Boxes & Supplies

The beauty of using a household self-storage facility such as Pink Hippo in Leatherhead or Reading is that we are ready and waiting to help.

We have moving boxes available to buy so that you can pack up properly. We have trollies on site to help move heavy items, packing tape and furniture covers to help ease the stress when moving into your storage unit.

What Should You Not Put Into Storage When Moving?

The vast majority of household items can be put into storage and kept in safety for as long as required. However, some items are not suitable for a household storage unit.


  • Foodstuffs – a moving house storage unit is not suitable to keep food in as it may rot or lead to damaged property, not to mention cause foul smells and unwanted odours.
  • Plants – houseplants are not suitable for storage due to a lack of water, oxygen and light.
  • Damp Items – any sports equipment, clothing or towels must be dry before going into a storage unit to avoid any moisture related issues such as mould.
  • Dangerous Items – it goes without saying, dangerous items are not suitable for a household storage unit such as gas canisters, fireworks or illegal items.