Moving homes is a stressful time, whether it’s simply down the road or to a completely different country. At Pink Hippo, we offer on-the-move homeowners a practical and affordable storage solution. With two secure and modern facilities in Reading and Leatherhead, you can rent a flexible space and store all your belongings problem-free!

The Benefits Of Using Self Storage When Moving House

Moving your entire life from one location to another comes with its fair share of challenges. From last-minute cancellations to transporting all of the valuables in only one day, it can be an agonising experience to say the least. Fortunately, self storage makes it easy with a variety of flexible storage spaces that can be personalised to your needs. 

If you’re considering renting a storage unit for your next move, here are few ways it can help:

  • Pack at your own pace
    Packing up your house often takes weeks, if not months. This long and arduous process can turn your entire household upside down and make it more stressful than necessary. With self storage, you can pack at your own pace and store your excess boxes in a secure location around the corner until move day.
  • Protect your belongings
    Whether you’re renovating your new home or trying to relocate to a new country, your belongings are very vulnerable during the moving process. A self storage facility has top-notch security systems and access-controlled entry, allowing you to safely store and access your items throughout your move.
  • Move in clutter-free
    Moving into a new home gives you the opportunity to start on a clean slate without the clutter of your previous home holding you back. Self storage is a perfect solution to your accumulation of clutter, offering a wide variety of storage units for any and all household goods.
  • A reliable plan B
    When moving house, it’s important to always have a plan B for your belongings. As a convenient short-term storage solution, we are the ideal choice for homeowners who are in between homes and need secure and reliable furniture storage.

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All You Need To Know About Moving House

Moving houses can be stressful and frustrating, especially if you don’t have planning and organisation systems in place. To ensure you and your family a hassle-free move – follow a moving house checklist. Why? You may ask. Having a checklist when moving house can help you ensure nothing is forgotten or damaged during the move.

From packing and moving to self storage tips, here’s the perfect checklist to use when moving homes:

Two months before your move

• Start decluttering
• Purchase top-quality packing boxes with Pink Hippo, or start collecting free boxes from friends, family members or your local shopping market

One month before your move

• Organise a moving company
• Make sure you know how the moving van will access your new and old home
• Create a list of your home’s inventory and take photos of all your furniture
• Start cleaning outside areas, such as the shed and garden

Two weeks before your move

• Packing starts in earnest at this point. Anything that isn’t necessary for the next two weeks (seasonal items and spare duvets or towels) can be packed
• Label all your boxes with their destination room
• If you don’t think all your things will fit into your new house, look into booking a storage unit to hold some of your belongings

One week before your move

• Confirm the exact date, time and location with your moving company
• Finish packing up your leftover items
• Pack a bag or box of essentials (a change of clothes, blankets, snacks and toiletries)
• Start disassembling big furniture
• Dismantle any shelving, take down any pictures and remove fitted items
• Repair any scrapes, scratches, nail holes or marks in your old home

Three days before your move

• Pack documents and valuables in a box or bag so they don’t get lost during the move
• Disconnect any appliances you’re taking with
• Empty and defrost your fridge/freezer

Moving day things to do

• Go through one last run-through of all your homes drawers and cupboards
• Do a final clean
• Make sure all windows and doors are locked and secured
• Make a note of all meter readings
• Take photos of the empty rooms to serve as proof of the condition of the property
• Don’t forget your moving bag with your essentials

Now, you can sit back, take a breath and enjoy your new home – well, once you’ve unpacked!

How Much Storage Do I Need For My House Move?

A quick rule of thumb

Think of a one-bedroom house needing a 50 sq. ft storage unit size. Then, add 30 or 50 sq. ft for every extra bedroom/ room.
Example: for a two-bedroom home, look at 80 sq. ft and a three-bedroom 130 sq. ft.

Why store with Pink Hippo?

At Pink Hippo, we have 18 different unit sizes available. Our small storage units range from 25 sq. ft to 50 sq. ft and provide storage solutions for clutter or small household goods. However, if you’re relocating or renovating, we have large storage units ranging from 100 sq. ft up to 215 sq. ft.

All self storage prices are calculated based on unit size, availability, length of stay and location. So, whether you’re moving house or renovating, Pink Hippo has plenty of room for you.

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Store Your Household Contents With Pink Hippo

Pink Hippo prides itself on being a secure and affordable storage solution for homeowners moving in Reading and Leatherhead. While we are dedicated to making self storage easy and stress free, we also go the extra mile to help our customers with whatever they need, whether that’s packaging supplies for their move or advice on which size unit will best suit their needs. 

People choose Pink Hippo for our:

  • Free 24-hour access, 7 days a week
  • Ample onsite parking for easy unloading
  • Free trolleys
  • Flexible lease agreements with the option to upsize or downsize units
  • High-quality customer service
  • Alarmed facility with 24-hour CCTV monitoring
  • Convenient and quality packaging store