Do you need an affordable and convenient wine storage solution? At Pink Hippo, our self storage facilities in Reading and Leatherhead are the ideal space to store wine. Whether you’re growing your personal wine collection or you’re a small business and need to store extra wine stock, we’ve got you covered!

Basic Information On Wine Storage

Make sure that your wine is stored correctly, so you can sip with delight when you pop the cork. Choose from our wide selection of unit sizes and keep your wine in a safe and secure space. Store your bulk wine purchases, growing wine collection, and business stock in a clean, dry and climate-controlled storage unit.

As storage experts, we go above and beyond to ensure our valued customers have peace of mind while storing at Pink Hippo. Our storage units meet the optimal requirements to ensure that your wine is ready to enjoy when you need it.

The following guidelines should be considered when storing wine:

  • Keep the room cool (below 24˚C)
  • Avoid fluctuations in temperature
  • Remove all light, especially sunlight
  • Keep the humidity between 50% to 80%
  • Store wines horizontally to make efficient use of space

Following the above guidelines will ensure that your wine matures at an appropriate rate and that the wine doesn’t spoil. If you don’t have a cool basement or wine cellar available, our storage units are a convenient and affordable alternative to storing wine correctly.

Storing Your Wine In A Storage Unit

While the wine industry grows, your options for space may not. If you’re lucky, you may have a cool basement in your home or a wine cellar on your business property, but this isn’t always the case. 

At Pink Hippo, we provide a convenient and affordable wine storage solution. Our storage units are designed to preserve the quality of your wine collection, allowing you to free up space in your home and workspace. 

When storing your wine in a storage unit, keep the following tips in mind:

  • Make sure that the storage unit doesn’t receive direct light (sunlight or artificial)
  • A climate-controlled unit where the temperature remains below 24˚C to avoid oxidation
  • Avoid moving the wine around and keep vibrations to a minimum
  • Ensure humidity is kept around 70% to prevent the cork from drying out
  • Store the wine horizontally to make efficient use of space and stop air from getting into the bottle
  • Ensure that the storage unit is clean and secure
  • Access to trolleys so that you can move your wine collection into your unit
  • Convenient 24-hour access to your unit to fit in with your schedule

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Storing Your Wine Collection Safely With Pink Hippo

Are you looking for a secure space to store your wine collection in the Reading and Leatherhead area? 

Our purpose-built units at Pink Hippo offer the ideal space to store your wine. 

  • Clean and secure
  • 24-hour access (available on request) for added convenience
  • Packaging materials available 
  • Monitored by CCTV 
  • On-site parking and trollies available to move multiple cases of wine with ease

With a range of unit sizes available, customers can choose from 10 sq. ft to 215 sq. ft of space, available with a flexible lease agreement in case your needs change. All that’s left to do is secure your unit and stack your wine.